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Nox Arcana - Winter’s Majesty
On Nov. 30th was released a brand new album of Nox Arcana, entitled "Winter’s Majesty". New stuff contains 21 tracks & 68 minutes of music.

In the heart of the Ebonshire forest, the Winter King takes his place upon the crystal throne. With a single breath he transforms the woodlands into an enchanted kingdom of ice and snow. Raising his staff, he summons the four winds and sets them forth to spread his magic throughout the land. And as the earth is covered beneath a blanket of ivory white, the world rejoices in the wondrous realm of winter.

This album features enchanting melodies and heartwarming songs for the holiday season, including an instrumental version of "We Three Kings" and a ghostly rendition of "Scarborough Fair" with original lyrics and musical arrangements by Joseph Vargo and vocals performed by Jeff Endemann.


01. Aquilon's Wish
02. Tranquility
03. White Woodlands
04. Secret Sanctuary
05. Summon the Wind
06. Snow in the Shire
07. Crystal Kingdom
08. Solstice Spirits
09. Shelter from the Cold
10. Angels in the Snow
11. Scarborough Fair
12. Ivory Steeds
13. Winter Haven
14. Forest Lullaby
15. Days of Olde
16. Saturnalia
17. The Coming of the King
18. Winter's Majesty
19. We Three Kings
20. Polaris
21. Final Peace

Author: NataliaElanor
Translator: NataliaElanor
Source: / 2012-12-19 / News

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