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Obscure Sphinx and Dirge in Gdańsk

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On Friday, May 9, Warsaw-based band Obscure Sphinx played at B90 club. The evening was opened by the French group Dirge. B90, located in the former Gdansk Shipyard has recently become one of the most important Tri-City concert venues, thanks to not only numerous shows of interesting artists, but also excellent acoustic conditions.

Paris-originated Dirge was created in 1994. This year they released their sixth album "Hyperion", which is being promoted during the shows with Obscure Sphinx. Dirge’s music is most commonly described as post-metal, post-core, post-industrial or "climate sludge". The French began their concert at 20:00, and during the one-hour performance they played songs from their latest album mostly. The audience responded enthusiastically to heavy sound and complex compositions of Dirge. The performance of the band was a good warm-up before the star of the evening. Despite long-standing existence Dirge was not very well known in Poland, after this tour surely they will gain new listeners.

Obscure Sphinx had already played in Tri-City before. The group has already had the opportunity to play in B90 as one of the support acts on Behemoth’s  "Black Polish autumn" tour in November 2013. Post-metal act Obscure Sphinx was founded in Warsaw six years ago. The album "Anaesthetic Inhalation Ritual", released in 2011, aroused great interest of listeners and musical critics, and last year's "Void Mother " got excellent reviews. The concert was opened by the sounds of the song "Velorio" ("Void Mother") acting as the intro. During the one-hour performance, the band played in greater part the songs from the new "Void Mother" album, among them "Waiting for the Bodies Floating Down the River" and "The Presence of the Goddess". The charismatic singer Zosia "Wielebna" ("the Reverend") Fraś presented her amazing vocal abilities and as always fared superbly, not only during the growling, but also singing. Especially impressive were her spontaneous stage gestures, such as sleepwalking-like dances or epileptic throwing herself around the stage, which perfectly complemented the distressful atmosphere. Other musicians also showed their best in funding the listeners a huge dose of powerful and noisy sounds. The strength of their sound could be fully appreciated thanks to the excellent sound system in the B90 club and visual experience was complemented by outstanding lighting. The audience enthusiastically approached the band from the beginning until the encore which included renown songs "Lunar Caustic" and "Nastiez" from the first album. The audience went completely crazy.

If anyone has not heard live tracks from the "Void Mother" yet, he should pay a visit to a concert of Obscure Shpinx at the earliest opportunity. Music from the new album during the show takes on a new meaning and power. The group has already had the opportunity to play at international festivals, and many music critics bode them great success abroad. After an evening such as this, one cannot disagree with such opinions. Let’s hope the band will visit B90 once again.
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