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Orkus Festival Club Tour II

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If old Nietzsche was right in saying that without music life would be a mistake then at the past weekend 6/7.10 we did our best not make too many mistakes and went straight to Dresden to Orkus Festival Club Tour II. The tour started on 29th of September and it didn't end on Dresden, but as many musicians claimed the Friday round was a highlight of the tour. Be it tricks of the artist or not, one thing is sure: the event was extremely successful.
Well, the fact is that we were late for the first of the concerts – the one of Down Below. Unfortunately, our ride in Dresden was like “get familiar with Germany and its cities better”. Luckily, we managed to see the beginning of the Zeromancer gig.
The club which was the place of action that night was very spatial with a high vaulting, but it was packed to the full. Still, there were no scandalous scenes taking place – on the contrary the calm and mutual tolerance prevailed:)
In short – the atmosphere was superb.

As to the concerts: Zeromancer made impression with their very entrance. Alex Møklebust was running on the stage half-naked , but let's make it clear - it wasn't a kinda chippendales show, so one could concentrate on the music as well. The band played a.o “Need you like a drug”, “Dr.Online”, “Clone your lover”, “Stop the noise”, “Chromebitch” and “Stay sinners”. The vocalist and the bass player tried to encourage the audience to participate in the concert more actively, so I may say their contact with the fans was a really A-class one. Add to it the expressive mimicry of the frontman plus vivid guitars and your satisfaction will be full :)

Next, extremely characteristic decorations appeared on the stage – the candles and the clock showing five to twelve (supposedly midnight not noon :) - so we had already known whom to expect. Unheilig started with his beautiful piece “Eva” and later it was even better: “Sieh in mein Gesicht” “Auf zum Mond”” Mein König” ,“ Ich will alles” “ Tanz mit dem Feuer”, “Der Himmel über mir”, “Schutzengel”,“Astronaut” (surprisingly enough, ladies' hearts didn't break:),”Maschine”, “Freiheit and the duet with Peter Spilles of Project Pitchfork “Ich will leben”. I must admit that what enchants me most on the concerts of UH ( apart from the energetic and ravishing music of course) is the unbelievable vitality, engagement and certain specific joy that emanates from the stage during their concerts and which is extremely contagious. Der Graf is definitely NOT a type of a mimosa artist who would present himself on the stage half-fainting, half-reeling and performing his songs with an aching voice in the meantime. Nope, it's not to be expected here. Dance, movement, clear scenic image, chats with the audience, sincerity of the frontman and finally encores (“Sage ja” and “My Stern”).Yap, this evening the German “zugabes' were were laud ( and luckily efficient:). One thing is sure – we'll be there in Goerlitz in December, right, alright!

At the end of the evening Project Pitchfork gave their concert. First of all their make-up was artistic and fluorescent and secondly – they evoked a real euphoria among their fans:) The sound was deafening, Peter Spilles got to the audience : those who stood close enough managed to give him a big hug and the security guards experienced tough moments. Still, the concert was very lively and energetic; unfortunately I'm not that much familiar with the band's artistic output, I may only say that they performed “Timekiller” and did NOT play “Steel rose” :)

And that was the end of the event, though some people stayed longer to meet and talk to the artists. It was a perfectly organized concert and, well, we're waiting for Orkus Festival Club Tour III, which, let me remind you, starts in March 2007 and will feature such artists as London After Midnight, Covenant, Samsas Traum and Emilie Autmun.

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