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Phonothek - Red Moon
"Red Moon" is continuing the Phonothek's theme of the inevitable death of our planet.
A sad lonely trumpet echoes between ruined apartment complexes. The ground is dry and dusty, nothing grows here. Where once laughter of children lingered, now only the creak of broken swings remain. The earth is dying.
"Red Moon" explores a world in flames through use of atonal instrumentation and layered atmospherics. It brings the sound of the old world to life.

Written, Produced, Performed: Phonothek.
Contributing Musicians: Viola by Giorgi Cagareli, Trombone by Mamuka Beqauri, Trumpet/Horn/Bariton by George Shamanauri.
Cover Art: George Van De Kamp.
Digipak Artwork: Simon Heath.
Available from 4 April 2017 by Cryo Chamber.

1.Phonothek & Keosz - Yellow Forest 05:54
2.Phonothek & Cities Last Broadcast - Last Melody 05:33
3.Come In The Whisper 05:05
4.Cry From The Abyss 04:48
5.Margo 06:10
6.In The Smell Of The Wolves 05:11
7.Mudra 05:41
8.Red Moon 04:28
Author: hellium
Translator: hellium
Source: Cryo Chamber / 2017-04-08 / News

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