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Prague in Dark II

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The second edition of Prague in Dark took place in the club Matrix. It is a quite spatial place in dark color and interesting atmosphere. Nice place, company and widely understood dark independent music made the evening worthwhile.

The festival was started by the Czech project Neural Implant. the vocalist present the image of an Cherokee and he was extremely charismatic and energetic alike his music which was a bit aggressive , slightly punkish, very expressive and rather not danceable. these were my impressions, however I listened to NI for the first time in Prague so they might be a bit misleading.

Next, the formation Alvarez Perez appeared on the stage. The main part was played by the ladies – the vocalist and the keyboard player; the remaining two musicians were in the background. The music of AP is characterized by a strong, capricious vocal that rises and falls changeably and which is strengthened by a pounding, individualized sound of guitar. Very good concert – both musically and visually – the image of both ladies is extremely elegant, moving and sensual.

As the third played Polish MonsterGod – the band that I praise as a rule, and I won't make an exception here ( sorry folks:p) because they gave a very good concert also this time. the response of the audience was positive as well. Sometimes it happens that something isn't OK – atmosphere, people, equipment or something, but this everything seemed perfect and the concert went smoothly and dynamically. Of course MonsterGod is not the band to give scenically rich shows: their sphere of 'performance' is rather economic, still their music is a goddamn good electro without ornateness and redundant tricks.

The Austrian Floodland played the music that could be described as gothic rock or gothic even. Still, everyone will have a chance to check them out as Bernhard told me the are going to play a concert in Poland. Their image was a bit like FOTN whereas the music was like a dialogue between a guitar and vocals with the gothic/metal/rock in the background.

The headliner -Clan of Xymox - played for the first time in Prague, so it was a special concert ( very long one) ended up with two encores. It's hard to describe their concert...the fact that I've seen COX for four times this year doesn't make the thing easier for me. I have an impression that COX are tired – definitely Ronny makes such an impression. Still, the concert was definitely good – technically. But there was no 'sparkle' that makes the concert unique. They played a.o “Farewell”, two songs of the new album “Breaking Point” - “Weak in my knees” and “Calling you out” and also “This World”, “Innocent”, “No Tomorrow”, “Michelle”, “Back Door”, “Stranger”.

An after party led by DJs NoName and Stranger ( at least I saw them two) was rather poor. I don't whether it was the music ( too hard) or the people were tired – enough to say that it was the light that was most noticeable on the dance floor.

On the whole – it was a very well organized event with a great music and the people we met and had a while to talk to were marvelous. We're waiting for the continuation...

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