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Protagosterium tour

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The Wroclaw part of Protagosterium tour took place on 11th January 2007 in the club Liverpool. The line-up was: [haven], bisclaveret and synta[xe]rror.

The evening was started by the concert of the project [haven] which was partly to promote the new publishing of the artist - „Naos”. The gigs of [haven] are the combination of sound and image. So it was this time as well. The visualizations prepared by the artist reflected the atmosphere of „ Naos” and the strong influence of East which was the main inspiration for the album. The author of the project – Asphodel - is not trying to attract attention to himself (though there were some elements of decoration – like a head of a doll posed just by the equipment ). Like I've already said, it was obvious that the main part is played by the sound/image tangle. Still, the music constitutes rather a soundtrack to the chosen scenes – and these in turn are the reflection of some fragments of reality that surrounds us – especially the Eastern reality and the chaos and omnipresent violence. The concert was led without any breaks so it made an impression of he part of a larger soundscape and a long journey introducing the listener to a hypnotic trance and. If I may compare the present publishing to the previous one “The Last Breath of Lonely Buildings” and the concerts promoting the album - “Naos” is more set to one mood and thematically directed. The concept of visualizations has also changed – they are less artistic and more socially engaged.

Next, the project bisclaveret appeared on the stage. First thing that came to my mind after I'd watched their performance and the concert was what K. Ikrzykowski said. Namely, that the situation when the director of lunatic asylum is imprisoned and then treated by his patients is a very common one and constitutes a first chapter of the history of the world. At least that my associations were as far as the message of the performance... and perhaps it was about vanitas vanitatum? Or maybe about the white blanket? One thing is sure – it was a highly theatrical concert. Starting from the vocalist whose manner of singing was very dramatized and he himself characterized for a mime with a clear mimicry, through the said performance which was about how hard it is to find sense of life in religion, books or love and the only way is to use the fast link to heaven by taking proper substances and then to tell the Higher Being to get stuffed with its gifts for human race and its truths... The last image shown – the one of the “Creator” wearing the band and a rosary over his eyes and standing at the edge of the scene made me wonder “is the God insane?”. Perhaps in the vision of biclaveret it is. Insane and blind.

As to the visualizations – they weren't that important during the gig – after all it's hard to watch both the performance and the images.

The music was a mixture of ambient and industrial – a bit contemplative wave constituting a background for the words spoken as if in a monologue. If you skipped the performance part it could be a monodrama .

The last band that played that evening was synta[xe]rror which presented high quality industrial and visualizations being a journey into the world of colors, lights and images. Extremely dynamic music corresponded to the fact pace of changing images. It was a very good, energetic gig.

At the very end I wanted to remind you that the Protagosterium tour started on 6th January 2007 and it will last til 16th January 2007. The bands that performed during the tour were: [haven], bisclaveret, synta[xe]rror oraz, dead factory.

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