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Pulcher Femina

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Pulcher Femina
Pulcher Femina

Pulcher Femina
Roberto Conforti

Włochy / Italy

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
darkwave, futurepop, Gothic, synthpop


Band members:

Roberto Conforti - Music, Programming & Lyrics


Pulcher Femina was created in 1997 by Roberto Conforti. During the same year Anna Cerichelli's voice joined and a duo was formed.Their first demo entitled Pulcher Femina got them signed to Decadance Records that produced the first official CD Fallen Angel, this album included re-mastered material from the first demo plus four previously unreleased tracks.In spring 2001 Anna Cerichelli decided to leave the band so all music and lyrics for the second album of the band, Shadows of the Lovers, were written by Roberto. This work was then recorded in the following August in Witten (Germany) at Sonicstage Recordings Studios by Volker Lutz (Evil's Toy). The latter is, together with Roberto, the producer of the new record and remixer of a track Scream & Die, while Daniela Bruno (from Miriam) is the band new female voice. In 2002 and 2003 excerpts from both the band albums and some unreleased tracks are featured in several compilations like Electronic Dreams Vol.2 and Decadance Vol.1, and the band remixes Spiritual Front’s No Kisses on the Mouth. After a year spent promoting Shadows of the Lovers live, After several years of pause Pulcher Femina recently, he on beginning 2010 came back from new third album  ''Darkness Prevails''.