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"Radio Niebieskie Oczy Heleny w… DOMu" - the concert of 1984

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On 24th May in DOM club in Łódź the legend of a new wave – the band 1984 is going to perform. They will be accompanied by an exceptional project "Szepty i krzyki" and well known among the local audience Little White Lies. It is an experimental event since the funds have been gathered by the community of is an alternative for big record labels. Thanks to shareholders – fans they managed to release 71 albums and a book "Gdzie oni są?". What to do to become a shareholder? Not much. You have to log in, choose interesting projects and Invest. Sometimes a little sum is enough and multiplied by the number of investors is enough to realize the certain project.

After 71 albums and one book – the co-author of the book "Gdzie oni są?" – Kasia Andrzejewska-Szuba decided to publish on an event which she called "Radio Niebieskie Oczy Heleny w DOMU". Kasia Szuba is a manager of the legendary band 1984 and iNNi. For the uninitiated – the name of the concert comes from 1984 band’s discography.

1984 in the studio and live
The band was founded in Rzeszów in 1985 by Piotr Mizerny Liszcz among the others. Throughout this time he was accompanied by a lot of musicians. In 2006 he invited Robert Tuta (Agresiva 69, NOT, Bielas i Marynarze) to cooperate. The re salt of this cooperation is an album "4891" released in 2007.
Currently the musicians are in the studio again to record a new album. A part of this material we will hear during the forthcoming concerts.

"Szepty i Krzyki"
Szepty i Krzyki is a title of an album created by musicians from inni and Projekt LR. Some of them we will see during the concerts "Radio niebieskie oczy Heleny" in Warsow and Łódź. The release contains not only the CD but also a volume of poems visualised by Marcin Satie Novak, Ptraycja Kotecka and Anna Szałkowska among the others. The album is a trial to make a synthesis of what both bands are creating – from new wave to industrial and electro – lyrics by Artur Szuba. It is going to be a collectors’ item and each copy will be numbered manually. The author of the cover is Marcin Satie Novak.
The funds were gathered by where iNNi and Projekt LR have already released their albums.

Little White Lies
Little White Lies is a simultaneous minimalism and energy. Since 2011 the heve been working only with the guitar and drum machine. Simple, monotonous bits, fast rate, two expressive vocals, frowst and erotic tension – that is enough to seduce the audience.
Their debut album "Devils in Disguise" was recorded and produced by Paweł Cieślak (Tryp, Fonovel) in "Hasselhoff Studio", released by FYH!Records in 2012.

You can also be an organizer
The concert is an experimental event because its co-organizers are the fans from those who are registered can add their money. Those who support the event (at least 100 of the special currency – 10PLN = 242 Megacent) can enter the event for free. There will be also some additional surprises.

Once again in CDQ
A day later, on 25th May in "CDQ" in Warsow the koncert will be held once again. This time 1984 and Szepty i Krzyki will be accompanied by Lorien.

Tickets price:
presale - 10 PLN
on the concert's day - 15 PLN, students 10 PLN
Facebook event:

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