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 With the pain in my heart [and neck :) ] I came back from the Rammstein's concert in Katowice. Obviously ,the concert took place in the club 'Spodek' and it was organized by the agency +++. I got to the hall at about 17.20, all the surroundings was already boiling hot, unfortunately I'm not able to estimate how many fans were waiting there, but the sight was dreadfully great. The problems started in the moment of letting people into the hall. The security agency working quite sufficiently (my cousin had to prove that she doesn't bring in anything in her pants) together with the ideal time schedule made by xxxxx, created the convenient situation when it was possible to watch the support group from the very beginning. What a pity that such only 30% of the spectators found themselves in this convenient situation. I'm not a lazybones and I forced my way as I could, yet , when I finally got to the hall I found out that Apocalyptica had just finished their one -hour -concert. I understand that hiring such an expensive support costs a lot, but with such a “distribution of forces” it should have been said that it was destined only for a group of chosen ones. Honestly speaking, if the organization of the concert and master craft provided by Rammstein were not on of such a high quality, my review would pick the concert to pieces. I'm not surprised that Rammstein visits us so rarely when the musicians see such a collection of mistakes and deficiencies in one place. How can it be, that there are five feed -backs, that the frontman is practically“taken the voice away” two or three times. I think that if it wasn't for the respect for the Polish audience and for all their fans, Rammstein would abandon playing after 30 -40 minutes of the concert. Enough complaining, I really bow in front of our German idols for the show they presented to us. All the great pyrotechnic performance accompanying more or less known recordings were worth of 31th December capitol city's party. I was most amazed by the framework to 'America' – I felt like in the centre of American election campaign. Millions of red and blue confetti were thrown over our heads .There were also hot moments during the bis too , for example the bass swimming in the pontoon on the hands of his fans. It was a great event and if the next time the concert will be held somewhere else than in 'Spodek' I will willingly go there and describe it for you here.

by ryhu

Translator: Dobermann
Add date: 2005-10-09 / Live reports

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