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Raison d'Etre and Gale Grand Central

2005-10-09 / Nathashah / Reads: 5858

Long-awaited concert took place in the climatic club 'Piwnica 21'. During the concert nothing could compare to Raison d’etre's visualization – the first minute and I started fantasizing about journey to the unknown world. But I shall come back to that in a moment... The single-person project Gale Grand Central...

Strong Beat

Strong Beat

2005-10-09 / Dobermann / Reads: 8304

I got to the club at about 7 p.m and actually got in at about 7.03 p.m. From the start I was positively surprised by the atmosphere in the club: starting from the ushers, through security, finishing with audience - they all were strangely kind ;). when I went closer...


GLISS live in Warsaw - a night to remember

2005-10-09 / Attack / Reads: 5802

Last Saturday in Warsaw Gliss was playing a concertm here is what they say about this gig:   these people... they can out drink and out-dance me. FUCK! the minute we took the stage it was high energy and movement from the crowd... it reminded me of the Albuquerque show on the...



2005-10-09 / Legion23 / Reads: 5605

The club no mercy occupies part of the cellar in one of the remaining buildings of Lilpop factory, or more specifically of „Lilpop, Rau i Loewenstein” Industrial Plant Auction Company (Towarzystwo Aukcyjne Zakładów Przemysłowych „Lilpop, Rau i Loewenstein”) , which has existed ever since the war. Being a typical example...


Closterkeller and The Act

2005-10-09 / Attack / Reads: 9625

In a winter cold evening, those who love good gothic rock, gathered in Bazyl Club in Poznan. One hour before the beggining, part of the club was made available to fans and it was full. That was a good sign - public has come!. Concerts began due to schedule -...

Black Flames Festival #2

Black Flames Festival #2

2005-10-09 / Attack / Reads: 6423

Well. the second edition of Black Flames Festival is over. In my opinon - full success. I've set up in a club obroud 6 pm, and I had an ocasion to listen to Combichrist during the test, and I new I wont be dissapointed this night! At the...

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