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DM convention + koncert Digital Factor

DM convention + koncert Digital Factor

2005-11-27 / Attack / Reads: 16585

On 26th November 2005 in the club “ MayDay” in Głogów the next Depeche Mode fans meeting took place. The event was organized by the FC Little Pleasure. This time the meeting was enriched by the concert of German group EBM - Digital Factor. We got to the club quite...


M'era Luna 2005

2005-10-09 / Dobermann / Reads: 58567

We were supposed to set out on M'era Luna Festival at 9 p.m., but the bus was delayed for it was going from far away and unfortunately stuck somewhere on the way. I wasn't surprised by that anyway since so far I've always been late on every of the festivals...

Deathcamp Project i The Act

Deathcamp Project i The Act

2005-10-09 / Attack / Reads: 9038

On the May 18th - during mini festival in Cafe Colomb in Poznan, there was another, after a year long break, concert of our favourite Poznan band The Act. With a new musiscian, bass guitarist, Daniel, Iza, Anton and all the rest have shown us a piece of good...



2005-10-09 / Dobermann / Reads: 9853

 With the pain in my heart [and neck :) ] I came back from the Rammstein's concert in Katowice. Obviously ,the concert took place in the club 'Spodek' and it was organized by the agency +++. I got to the hall at about 17.20, all the surroundings was already boiling...


Raison d'Etre and Gale Grand Central

2005-10-09 / Nathashah / Reads: 6190

Long-awaited concert took place in the climatic club 'Piwnica 21'. During the concert nothing could compare to Raison d’etre's visualization – the first minute and I started fantasizing about journey to the unknown world. But I shall come back to that in a moment... The single-person project Gale Grand Central...

Strong Beat

Strong Beat

2005-10-09 / Dobermann / Reads: 8675

I got to the club at about 7 p.m and actually got in at about 7.03 p.m. From the start I was positively surprised by the atmosphere in the club: starting from the ushers, through security, finishing with audience - they all were strangely kind ;). when I went closer...

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