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Auto-Auto - Dog


Auto-Auto - Dog

2005-10-09 / Selene / Reads: 6024

Auto – Auto is a kind of discovery on the music scene. Their single entitled „Dog” is a mixture of experimental sounds from synth/future-pop through club sounds to EBM. It promotes the debut album of the group „Sounds of a new generator”. There are 6 tracks on the album plus...

Angelzoom - Back in the Moment


Angelzoom - Back in the Moment

2005-10-09 / Nihil / Reads: 5943

Some of you at times want a rest from the aggressive, sometimes tiring music, don't you? Quite recently I've decided that I need something to “sleep with”, an album which would calm me down. I asked my friend to recommend me something and here it is – Angelzoom. - the...

Amduscia - Dead or Alive


Amduscia - Dead or Alive

2005-10-09 / Nihil / Reads: 9599

The new Amduscia's EP „Dead or Alive” was released in February 2005. I'll get strictly to the point - I can't say that I was somehow surprised or astonished with this CD, because I wasn't. It sounds just like the continuation of the longplay “Melodies for the Devil”. On the...



Wumpscut - DJ Dwarf Five

2005-10-09 / Nihil / Reads: 8297

Well known series "DJ Dwarf" have fifth volume. For a long time ago albums of DJ Dwarf Wumpscut were announcing icome of new album - here it was "Evoke"; And infortunatelly, as "Evoke", it represent similar level. Rudy Ratzinger has left for a well - and I regret on it...



Z.E.T.A. X - Feoh

2005-10-09 / Nihil / Reads: 3457

 Z.E.T.A.X is a Funker Vogt's frontman's side project. Another famous person of the western scene - Alexander Krull – was responsible for the album's production. And like in case of Andy LaPlagua, we may be satisfied with the results. While Funker Vogt  is monotonous and boring at times, Z.E.T.A.X offers...

Advocatus Diaboli - Sterbend durch die Sonne


Advocatus Diaboli - Sterbend durch die Sonne

2005-10-09 / Dobermann / Reads: 4819

Nice thrill on back is coming with the first track. Old good gothic rock with pich of electronic waves, powerfull bass, rock guitars, opera - stylized female voice connected with hard male vocal - there are good features of this compilation. Somebody told that Advocatus is similar to 69 Eyes....

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