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Closterkeller and The Act

2005-10-09 / Attack / Reads: 10431

In a winter cold evening, those who love good gothic rock, gathered in Bazyl Club in Poznan. One hour before the beggining, part of the club was made available to fans and it was full. That was a good sign - public has come!. Concerts began due to schedule -...

Black Flames Festival #2

Black Flames Festival #2

2005-10-09 / Attack / Reads: 7040

Well. the second edition of Black Flames Festival is over. In my opinon - full success. I've set up in a club obroud 6 pm, and I had an ocasion to listen to Combichrist during the test, and I new I wont be dissapointed this night! At the...

Black Flames Festival #2

Black Flames Festival #2

2005-10-09 / Nathashah / Reads: 6780

What a surprise! Such an amount of energy literally crushed me! Five bands which did their best. Five possibilities to satisfy the most particular ones, the target hit five times. Each band presented the highest level within their music genre. Going to the festival, everyone knew they wouldn't be disappointed....


Depeche Mode Devotional Convention

2005-10-09 / Attack / Reads: 17957

On Saturday night February 26th V Ogólnopolski Zlot Fanów Depeche Mode [ 5th Meeting of Polish Depeche Mode Fans ] organized by the artistic group Little Pleasure took place. The party was in Głogów, in the club MayDay. We went from Poznań in the afternoon, in two groups, which after...

FakOff Festival #1

FakOff Festival #1

2005-10-09 / Dobermann / Reads: 6435

On 9th April we took the 2.20, fast train which provided a decent journey to Wrocław with a really minute delay of 80 minutes ... well.. Polish Rail :) After the arrival our group from Poznan split up and everyone went to do something like eat, drink etc. Anyway ......



2005-10-09 / Nathashah / Reads: 3834

MASCHINENgeSCHREI I was given a task to write a relation from that event. Strange task… Extraordinary because the event was extraordinary. Everything pulled out from its reality and put into a indescribable world. All that shall be told will fall apart, flee, but appears on my lips nevertheless. How can...

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