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Riverside, Paatos, The Pineapple Thief

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I have had a chance and great pleasure to take part in Riverside’s concerts a lot of times so far. The first time was in 2005 in already non-existent club Diabolique in Wrocław. At that time their output consisted of full-length album "Out Of Myself" and EP "Voices In My Head". I was enchanted by the CDs and that concert confirmed my love which has been lasting since then.
Each following concert attracted more and more fans. That’s why an extremely long queue of impatient Riverside sympathisers waiting in front of the entrance to the first home jubilee performance, was not surprising for me at all. Commemorating their 10th anniversary, the band decided to celebrate this glorious event together with their fans in several biggest Polish cities – Wrocław, Kraków, Poznań, Gdańsk, and Warszawa. The fans from outside the country were not disregarded though because the band also played some concerts in different places in Europe e.g. in Czech Republic, Romania, Netherlands and Great Britain. During the international tour they were accompanied by Tides From Nebula and in Poland by The Pineapple Thief and Paatos.
Wrocław holiday of progressive rock was started with half-an-hour delay by Swedish project Paatos. They started with melancholic "In That Room", which somewhat put the audience to sleep. "No More Rollercoaster" sounded more lively, however successive songs didn’t surprise at all, they were almost confluent. In my opinion the band’s mistake was to concentrate only on their latest album "Breathing". Preceding four ones were completely omitted. It’s a big pity because they provide more interesting tracks than those played during this concert. However, the vocalist Petronella Nettermalm deserves great respect. Her timbre and vocal range were amazing. To conclude, the concert was interesting but I wasn’t blown away.

1. In That Room
2. No More Rollercoaster
3. Fading Out
4. Breathing
5. Gone
6. Shells
7. Surrounded
8. Over and Out

The Pineapple Thief performed next. The British played absolutely more energetically than their Swedish predecessors. Already the first "Wake Up The Dead" maybe not really woke up the dead but for sure it woke up the slightly asleep audience. The following "3000 Days" or "Nothing At Best" completed the task. More melancholic notes could be enjoyed thanks to "My Debt To You" or "Too Much To Lose". Overall they played diversely and predaciously. Bruce Soord with the band managed to enliven the fans before the performance of the star.

1. Wake Up The Dead
2. 3000 Days
3. Nothing At Best
4. So We Row
5. My Debt To You
6. Too Much To Loose

Finally, the moment which everybody was waiting for came and the jubilarians appeared on the stage. The concert was a cross-section of band’s 10-year-long creative activity (however, there was no song from "Voices In My Head", which I deeply regret). Considering the "old ones" surely "Out of Myself" or "Loose Heart" were enjoyed. The fans of long, up to a dozen or so minutes, pieces weren’t disappointed as well. From "Anno Domini High Definition" we heard "Egoist Hedonist" and "Left Out". A little bit older "Second Life Syndrome" from the album of the same title was also performed, however in shorter version and "Ultimate Trip" from "Rapid Eye Movement". The fans of, as it was called by Mariusz Duda, "songs with chorus" got as a consolation "Conceiving You" and "02 Panic Room". The vocalist probably treats this kind of compositions with a little disdain, but it’s pretty obvious that the public demands such songs just to sing a fragment with the band (what they eagerly did). And when it comes to singing... it couldn’t go without "Happy birthday" sung by the fans – after all it’s a worthy anniversary.
There was also a "fresh breeze" from new EP "Memories In My Head" in a repertoire. Two, out of three, pieces from it were played - "Living In The Past", a dozen or so minutes long feast for lovers of progressive rock and, as a part of encore, "Forgotten Land" promoting "The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings". The performance ended symbolically with "The Curtain Falls".
Another great concert went down in history. Riverside, as usual, did not disappoint and proved that their success is justifiable. Mariusz Duda joked that their first concert was played in Wrocław in already non-existent club for about 15 people. A lot of things have changed for those 10 years. Now, there are hundreds of fans coming to their concerts, appreciating their abilities to create music "with soul" and also with, characteristic for progressive rock, pugnacity and long hypnotising solos. I wait impatiently for next concert, next albums, next anniversaries.

1. Beyond The Eyelids
2. Out Of Myself
3. Egoist Hedonist
4. Living In The Past
5. Conceiving You
6. Ultimate Trip
7. Left Out
8. Loose Heart
9. 02 Panic Room
10. Second Life Syndrome
11. Forgotten Land
12. Reality Dream III
13. The Curtain Falls

Translator: morrigan
Add date: 2012-01-16 / Live reports

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