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Samples of new ARCHITECTs album available online


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Daniel Myer's will release a new album of his side project called ARCHITECT and it will be called "Lower Lip Interface". This album was described by HYMEN as a synth magical, with compicated melodic sections, digitally manipulated vocals, hard interrupting beats with mass of effects, all in a style characteristical for Architect. Online mp3 samples available!

Architect - "Lower Lip Interface":
01 ghost of a working man
02 catch the target
03 caballa smells funny
04 a caine in the brain
05 pissed in the morning
06 r for vendetta (ribi for president)
07 routine (with klima)
08 get the bastards get away
09 a perfect kiss, no tongue
10 stairway
11 ghost of a working man (torrent vaccine remix)
12 stairway (nebulo rmx)
13 a caine in the brain (synnack remix)
Author: Attack
Translator: Attack
Source: / 2007-02-27 / News

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