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Sieben - Each Divine Spark

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Fact that Howden is an outstanding musician probably no one needs to prove; he proved it himself on his previous albums. But hardly anyone expected that "Each Divine Spark" will raise the bar even higher. Well, history shows that sometimes after releasing opus magnum, musicians are able to surpass their previous achievements on their next album (see Swans).
In what "Each Divine Spark" outmatches significantly? In climate! Oh, there is currently so little of such albums, which can so deeply pierce into soul of a listener and stay there for longer. Sieben knows how to stir a man - how to evoke in his psyche certain emotions. On aforementioned album he does that with precision worthy the best goldsmith, who polishes his products until they shine perfectly. Perhaps it should be added that the goldsmith uses for making his work 24-karat gold...
"Each Divine Spark" is one of those albums, you should listen to in certain conditions; in general, in order to draw out of it 100% of content and experiences. In this case, it may be helpful a winter’s, though snowless night - necessarily filled with bland light of the moon, which mysteriously hides behind black clouds. Such environment intensifies, already strong, sense of uncertainty and some association with the latter, metaphysical world. Indeed - Howden seems to know a lot about the spiritual ground of music. Anyone who has heard Sieben’s work live - knows what I am writing about.
Although, I would like to warn people prone to depression about this album – I am not able to do it. The fact is that through the whole album scrolls melancholy, and somewhat camouflaged, sadness. However, all is extremely captivating – to the point – where it is worth to risk a restless night (and certainly even the next week) on a veritable experiencing of "Each Divine Spark".
Tracks are impossible to describe detached from each other – whole is one  airtight creation. Even outro - lasting 28 seconds, bearing "Tape Rewind" title, seems here necessary. You can poorly say the most powerful moment is "Born from the Ashes", but basically all is one big story divided into chapters - which cannot be understood without knowing the whole. I have no idea what Howden will record in the future, but right now I am impatiently looking forward for next dose of that spiritual nourishment. And as for "Divine Spark Each" itself - by far it is the album of 2014!

01. Born from the Ashes
02. She Is There
03. Written in Fire
04. In This Place
05. The National Anthem of Somewhere
06. A Firebug Nature
07. Sleep, Clara Bow
08. All in Vain
09. Afterglow
10. Jigsaw Chainsaw
11. Woundsound
12. Tape Rewind
Translator: hellium
Add date: 2015-10-21 / Music reviews

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