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SIJ - The Time Machine
SiJ explores Time Travel on the album "The Time Machine".
The Time Machine propels us forwards and backwards in time. From ancient civilization, where the chatter reverberates in clouded temples. To our impending doom in a future stripped of humanity. A grinding squeal as the paradox cracks reality. At our feet blue skies reflected in a desert of broken mirrors.
Warm soothing field recordings mix with bright overlays and distant instruments.

Written, Produced, Performed -Vladislav Sikach; Artwork & Mastering - Simon Heath.
Available from 21 February 2017 by Cryo Chamber.

1.Forwards in Time 05:56
2.A Place to Live 06:47
3.In Ancient Times 04:25
4.Instantaneous 05:59
5.Floating Clouds 08:07
6.Realm of Eternal Rain 09:05
7.Particulate Matter 03:12
8.Morlock's Path 06:39
9.The Death of the World 06:41
10.Vision of Hell 04:10
11.Shine of Dark 07:52
Author: hellium
Translator: hellium
Source: Cryo Chamber / 2017-03-05 / News

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