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SIN DNA - Afterlife

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It is not an album from the-best-ones category I have listened to so far. I think it’s also hard to classify it as a good one. It doesn’t mean that it is bad and poor. I think calling it average would be most appropriate. But let’s start from the beginning.

What has made me interested in the album was the cover. Recently I hardly ever pay attention to covers but in this case something has attracted me, though I don’t know what exactly. As it has turned out later the mentioned cover is probably the strongest point of this album. And what about the content? 11 tracks, almost half of them remixes. Have you ever known if you’re going to like the whole album after listening to the first track only? As a reviewer I try not to approach albums in this way but still I think that the first track should be stunning enough to encourage to listen to the whole album. It lacks it here. After the first track I just wanted to turn it off already having the idea about the rest of the material. I couldn’t do it of course and I still had a hope that something interesting is there which may change my opinion. Unfortunately, there wasn’t. Apparently there is intense beat, harsh vocals (which are completely unconvincing for me, even annoying, despite being pretty ok). However something makes this album, as I have already mentioned, an average one. There is nothing in it which would delight or make you want to dance. Initially I thought that there is something wrong with me, but to compare I listened to older Combichrist tracks or Eden Synthetic Corps and still there is something in them. So it is not just my lassitude but the fact that this album lacks power. They are debutants but it doesn’t make it impossible to create an interesting album which is proved by ESC "Matte". Here, however, we have got boredom clothed by heavy beat.

Perhaps some people would like it. But I have to say it once again: boredom. I don’t think I’m going to listen to it anymore.


1. Afterlife
2. Now It's Dark
3. Afterlife (Fuck You Pay Me Mix)
4. No God
5. Wasted Passion
6. Plague Wielder
7. Afterlife (Sin Piedad Remix by Dulce Liquido)
8. Now It's Dark (Soman Remix)
9. Wasted Passion (Reaxion Guerrilla Remix)
10. No God (Dym Remix)
11. All Life Has Faded
Translator: morrigan
Add date: 2012-05-04 / Music reviews

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