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Sinner's Day 2011

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Sinner's Day is a one-day music event taking place in Hasselt, Belgium.
In 2011, this quiet and picturesque town hosted the event for the third time, gathering more than 8 000 participants. The festival took place in a very large and modern exhibition complex.
Undoubtedly, the success of this year is due to a perfect line-up: The Cult, Patti Smith, The Mission, Front 242, Diamanda Galas, The Exploited, Karl Bartos, Recoil, KMFDM, Blancmange, Gene Loves Jezebel, and Visage.

Concerts began with a small delay at 1 pm and took place on one wide stage divided into 3 sectors. Actually there was no major technical gaps between the performances, which is a definite attraction for the audience, while exhausting marathon for photographers.

The audience been dressed in standard black colour as well as favourite bands t -shirts. Many people came specially for the performance of The Cult and The Mission. Already the day before properly dressed newcomers could be seen on the market in Hasselt.
I have also noticed a fairly typical group of fans of The Exploited, more colourful and with specific hair style. If someone wanted to buy something new on the occasion of participation in Sinner's Day also was an opportunity, because the event is accompanied by so-called ‚Camden Market’, which as the name suggests is a great place to get the new T-shirts, CDs, posters and other merchandise.
I have been waiting mainly for the show of The Cult, The Mission, and in a class by itself Diamanda Galas. She gave an excellent performance accompanying herself on piano. I had a chance to see her before on performance while WGT 2011.
In Leipzig, her performance was held in the Opera House, which was very atmospheric and also unusual because of the audience WGT dressed in victorian costumes.
Sinner's Day, however, showed that Diamanda is also able to win eight-thousandth of the festival audience with her amazing vocal performance. A few artists with their voice only and playing the piano are able to create such an intense atmosphere during the show. My greatest respect!

The Mission played on Sinner's Day on the occasion of celebrating the XXV anniversary tour. With the three original line-up musicians: Wayne Hussey (guitar, vocals), Simon Hinkler (guitar) and Craig Adams (bass), also accompanied by Mike Kelly on drums.
I must admit that their performance was very energetic and the audience jumped like crazy. Wayne at one point jumped down from the scene and ran to enthusiastic fans of the first row, which was an extraordinary moment in this show. Fans of the band, of course, build towers, the practice taken to the continent from the UK and responded spontaneously to the band and the music, seemed to be completely cut off from the real world, which I had the opportunity to watch from backstage. As you can see - The Mission is quite well - and who knows what 2012 might bring?

The Mission - Setlist

Beyond the Pale
Hands across the Ocean
Like a Hurricane

Butterfly on a Wheel

Tower of Strength 

The Crystal Ocean


The Cult is a true legend. I had a chance to see them for the first time during the Sonisphere 2010 festival in Knebworth UK. I have to admit that the performances on Sinner's Day 2011 was much, much better indeed!
It is as if the musicians gathered a new energy associated perhaps with the work on a new album. The show was also a bit longer, and set list speaks for itself - simply awesome. Ian Astbury - rock'n'roll man from tips to toes and magnificent vocalist was in a very good mood talking from the stage to his colleagues from The Mission, as The Cult,had a tour with them which took place in 1986. He also greeted fans from the stage and he thanked them for their participation and long-term support. From my place in photo pit, I am convinced that I was able to capture the moment when, in fact, some fans were personally recognised by their idol. Magical moment of the evening, almost the same as being able to hear ,Edie (Ciao Baby)' - a song, which is my favourite of The Cult.
Last song in the set was a total blast -, She Sells Sanctuary' and showed that The Cult is in a fantastic stage condition and leaves us with hope that musicians will soon return with a new album and perhaps even some tour to Europe.
The Cult at the moment is working on a new album.

The Cult - Setlist



Horse Nation
Lil 'Devil

Edie (Ciao Baby)
Sweet Soul Sister 



Dirty Little Rock Star

Fire Woman
Wild Flower

Love Removal Machine
She Sells Sanctuary

An additional bonus of participation in the Sinner's Day 2011 for me was the opportunity to see live Patti Smith, the artist certainly widely known and influential, and Recoil with Alan Wilder.
After some wild time in front of the stage participant could also withdraw himself to the sectors of seats, which at the end of the event were all occupied. After more than 12 hours of music nobody should be surprised with that.
We must congratulate the Belgians great line-up and good organisation, despite some confusion in times of performances, everyone was kept informed about the changes.
A lot of places where you could stock up in drinks and food without wasting time in queues has been prepared for participants. In addition, an exhibition of photos, a place where you could relax for a moment, exchange ideas and talk with friends been introduced.
Very nice green room for media partners with catering and lockable key cabinets, so one do not have to run around all day with the gear, which greatly facilitates the work. It was very convenient and help a lot in a media work, and should be introduced in every place in my honest opinion, but it is still some kind of rarity.

I am very curious how the organisers intend to beat this year's edition in 2012.
After such a great success it is certain to be a rather complicated matter.
It remains to wish them good luck and wait for the next Sinner's Day.

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