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Polska / Poland

Date of establishing :

Music genere:


Band members:

Agata Lejba-Migdalska – vocals
Łukasz Migdalski – keyboards
Krystian Kozerawski – guitar
Damian Samolej - guitar
Hubert Hubass Walczak - bass, vocals
Paweł Świca – drums


SonusVena is an energetic combination of melodic rock-metal music with female vocals. The band was formed in 2011 by talented musicians, whose musical experience has been appreciated for many years. Since the very beginning of its existence, when the band was called Electric Chair, they have been working on songs for the debut album. Some of them, for instance “Luana”, “Like a cure”, “Inflamed” an...d “Solaris” have been released online. The band has performed numerous gigs, thanks to which a live video for the song “Northern Killing Time Beyond The Overwhelming Heart” was recorded. This track is a medley of songs performed or created by members of SonusVena from their previous bands, like Aion, Sacriversum, Pathfinder. In 2012 an independent record company, Halotan Records, released a compilation album “Sampler 5″, which contained the song.
In the same year, still known as Electric Chair, the band won the ‘Artist of the Year’ competition organised by
Music created by SonusVena cannot be classified easily. The musicians are inspired by variety of genres, ranging from metal to classical, or even electronic music. This mixture of different types of music, combined with experience of each member of the band, create the musical foundations of SonusVena. The charismatic vocalist, whose voice takes on not only wonderfully dark and powerful, but also gentle and delicate tones, reflects the spirit of the formidable band.