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Soror Dolorosa - Apollo



Here comes new album by the already legendary act, Paris-based Soror Dolorosa. The band creates raw and hungry gothic rock inspired by post-punk, death rock and cold wave. Soror Dolorosa four years in the making, "Apollo" is now crowning the achievement; a bombastic dystopian world view encapsulated in dark popcraft. Melodic and memorable, the album shines a light on both stunning beauty and haunting sadness with Julia's foreboding, prophet of doom baritone soaring on down a long and lonesome highway full of baroque, exquisite anguish.
Available from 15 September 2017 by Resurrection Records.

01 Apollo
02 Locksley Hall
03 That Run
04 Everyway
05 Night is our Hollow
06 Another Life
07 Breezed & Blue
08 Yata
09 The End
10 Long Way Home
11 A Meeting
12 Deposit Material
13 Golden Snake
14 Epilogue
Author: hellium
Translator: hellium
Source: Resurrection Records / 2017-09-14 / News

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