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Spectra*Paris - Retromachine Betty



Spectra*Paris is the alternative project of enigmatic Elena Alice Fossi, lead singer of Italian cult-outfit Kirlian Camera, and supported by Legend producer John Fryer. Their third album "Retromachine Betty" breathes and lives the spirit of 80's electronic Pop and Wave and the almost forgotten vibe of bands like Visage or Desireless. Spectra*Paris lean on both, the memory of 80ies pop (Star Bubbles, Alice (Geistersterne)) lightness and innocence as well as the DNA of Kirlian Camera, a heavy Electropop darkness (Ludovico Technique, Metrolynx) mixed with the grandeur and electronic club-induced melancholy that constituted the Electro-Wave underground sound of the 8o's.
Available from 12 May 2017 by Dependent.

01. Star Bubbles
02. Alice (Geistersterne)
03. Ludovico Technique
04. Machinedream
05. Universal
06. Lux Industries
07. Girl You Really Got Me
08. Metrolynx
09. E-Girl Song
10. E-Kitsch Souvenier Of Italy
Author: hellium
Translator: hellium
Source: Dependent / 2017-05-08 / News

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