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Stahlmann - Quecksilber



German hard electro act STAHLMANN ("Steel Man") returns with their second album! Steel is their element – with all its characteristics: hardness, rigidity and high resistance. They represent a generation of hard German music and develop that martial and powerful musical variety that began as "Neue Deutsche Härte" with bands like DIE KRUPPS or OOMPH! in the middle of the 90´s and that was perfected by RAMMSTEIN some years later.
STAHLMANN from Göttingen are messengers of a new German music generation. The band, which was founded in 2008, melts together hard industrial sounds, stoic metal rhythms and catchy, intensive gothic melodies and forges them to high-class raw material for their strong music. Striking lyrics, a deep and distinctive voice and spectacular optics form STAHLMANN to a band with a high recognition value.

Released on AFM and available January 31th, 2012.


01. Engel der Nacht
02. Spring nicht
03. Tanzmaschine
04. Asche
05. Mein Leib
06. Am Grunde
07. Götter
08. Schmerz
09. Diener
10. Tanzmaschine (Club remix)
11. Herzschlag
12. Tanzmaschine (single version)
13. Mein Leib (Club remix)
Author: Schizev
Translator: Schizev
Source: / 2012-01-12 / News

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