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Surprise bands added to Infest line up
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Surprise band added to the line up! DJ's are starting to be announced!
We are very excited to announce the addition of Julien-K, the latest project of members of Orgy (yes… the Orgy that produced hits like "Fiction" and "Stitches"… and the hugely popular cover of New Orders "Blue Monday") and Dead By Sunrise (featuring members of Linken Park and NIN, Skinny Puppy, Marilyn Manson) to the Infest line up.

DJs so far:
DJ Krischan – Rotersand: Germany
DJ HGV – Carpe Noctum: Bradford – Flock: Leeds
DJ. Phill Stränge – Cornucopia: Belfast – Dominion: Dublin
DJ Peddy – Neuwerk: Germany
DJ CyberAndy – Black Planet: Bedford – The Coven: Luton – Sacrilege: Cambridge
DJ Midnight – Club Lash: Manchester – Black Planet: Manchester
DJ Matt@ – Slimelight: London
DJ Chemical6 – Slimelight: London – Gravity: London
Author: Jo Pawley
Translator: murd
Source: / 2011-06-22 / Events

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