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Temple of Silence 2

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As we know, the aim of the coverage is to reproduce what we see during a given event, yet music of ToS is extremely difficult to describe. You have to feel it, see it and taste it to appreciate. My words can only sketch a general view of what I have seen and felt.

Temple of Silence has finally reached its second edition. Similarly to the first one, the festival took place in a church... in Międzybórz. The building itself is marvelous because church and its acoustics create specific aura to its receivers - and that is just the beginning. As it usually happens, the festival began with a delay because of the technical problems. After a couple of minutes the lineup, which had to be rescheduled, has been finally established and all the bands solved the difficulties with their mean equipment.

After a short introduction, about 6.30 PM, Dead Factory started its performance. One who thinks that the first band to perform on the festival is the worst artist is mistaken. Not in the case of this group. Although I have never had an opportunity to get to know DF, I must admit that seeing and listening to the project alive projected very positive response. The music, as well as visual effects has been dexterously blended into an industrial unity. The only vice of that performance was its duration - only 30 minutes, therefore it left some dissatisfaction.

Bisclavet 'tortured' us with their sound and vocals a little longer than Dead Factory and we have to admit that in spite of the music being quite specific in reception, it manages to fascinate and hypnotize.

From among the entire lineup, I am the best acquainted with [haven] which played as the third band. Thos time we have been pampered with their newest child, entitled 'Naos'. Along with the new album and the new sound also new visual effects emerged which highlight the oriental scent of the music. I have only one little remark for the future considering the length of loops. Watching a 10 seconds loop throughout whole the track may exhaust the audience. Bear it in mind.

Subsequently, the scene welcomed a kind of split of Cold Fusion and Rukkanor musicians. Three people presented an amusing fusion of few genres. To avoid the monotony of sounds, the whole has been flourished with live vocals (singing and declamations) and athe acoustic guitar. All those little 'flavors' gave a stunning effect. As an encore we heard one song of the new mutual project of the War Office Propaganda guys - Code Voire. Unfortunately, according to the promise and the announcement we have to wait a little more for their CD because its premiere is to be in the beginning of 2007.

The celebrity of TOS was, of course, German Stalhwerk 9 with its harsh industrial sound and hard-recited lyrics.

In the end we were left with noise project Moan, which in my opinion was only 'not bad'. And you may ask me why. Because Moan's show was too late and the audience was already dead tired. In addition to their heavier genre many people just left the church.

Summing up, I dare say that the festival was at least good and already now we are convinced that another edition of TOS is expected. Who knows, maybe even with the better lineup. Great 'thanks' for the organizers who managed for the second time to run the music affair in such a delightful yet distant place. Despite of such good band, people did not have to pay.. How is it possible? It is the secret of the organizers. We may only sit and wait impatiently for the another volume of the temple of silence.
Translator: Dobermann
Add date: 2006-09-22 / Live reports

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