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Tesla Power

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Tesla Power
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Tesla Power
Tesla Power

Polska / Poland

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
electro-industrial, idm


Band members:

Tomasz Pas - programming, guitar
Mateusz Siemion - vocals, lyrics
Marcin Krawiec - drums


Tesla Power is the musical equivalent of the dark which dwells in energy.

The band was formed after the conceptual burn out of a musical project known as Ropień. The first recordings of Ropień surfaced in 2007. Since then the project took on various musical embodiments of industrial-electronic music. Tesla Power is a cross between many electronic genres such as: idm, electro-industrial incorporating some noise elements as well. The main elements defining band's essence are transgression of musical genres, following intuition, energy, and the exploration of the subconscious. 'The body' of the band is formed by the composer Tomasz Pas, while the vocalist Mateusz Siemion personalises its spiritual aspect. Since 2013 Tesla Power has been a trio with enhanced drumming section led by Marcin Nightbreed Krawiec The artistic goal of Tesla Power is to explore the themes of futuristic dystopias, unconsciousness and spiritual-technological links.