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The 69 Eyes - Angels/Devils (2CD+DVD)
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The 69 Eyes - Angels/Devils (2CD+DVD)

The 69 Eyes

Add date: 2007-11-06

Label: Caroline Records

CD One
CD1-1 Angels
CD1-2 Never Say Die
CD1-3 Rocker
CD1-4 Ghost
CD1-5 Perfect Skin
CD1-6 Whings & Hearts
CD1-7 Star Of Fate
CD1-8 Los Angeles
CD1-9 In My Name
CD1-10 Shadow Of Your Love
CD1-11 Frankenhooker
CD1-12 Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams
CD Two
CD2-1 Devils
CD2-2 Feel Berlin
CD2-3 Nothing On You
CD2-4 Sisters Of Charity
CD2-5 Lost Boys
CD2-6 Jimmy
CD2-7 August Moon
CD2-8 Beneath The Blue
CD2-9 Christina Death
CD2-10 Hevioso
CD2-11 Only You Can Save Me
CD2-12 Dusk 'Till Dawn (Bonus Track)
CD2-13 Pitchblack (Bonus Track)
DVD-1 Perfect Skin
DVD-2 Devils
DVD-3 Lost Boys
DVD-4 Never Say Die
Live At The Whisky A Go Go, 2006
DVD-5 Devils
DVD-6 Christina Death
DVD-7 Feel Berlin
DVD-8 Lost Boys
DVD-9 I Just Want To Have Something To Do
On The Route 69 - Short Film