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The Christmas Ball 2012

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The Wars
At 7:00 p.m., just on time, local band The Wars began its concert.
Unfortunately it’s hard to say that a performance was thrilling. Musicians dressed like "I went to the grocery to buy some bread in the morning" presented few similar and monotonous tracks. They didn’t try to keep contact with the audience. The singer seemed to be closed in his own world, to which the audience wasn’t invited. His not very impressive vocal abilities didn’t knock anyone on his knees and minimalistic lightning (probably some assumptions were made to call it "moody") made impression that Huxley was saving money on electricity.
The audience yawns.

The Crüxshadows
Let’s cross the ocean. Americans from The Crüxshadows added some decorations on the stage, but the audience saw only the top of their banner, that was almost completely covered by the scenic lightning, prepared for the next band. During technic break we had a chance to look at warming up dancers, that were "dressed up for Christmas" - with red clothes looking like Santa Claus ladies. After beginning of the show I admit that nothing changed for Crüxs. The same as any time, served "as usual", songs sound "as usual". And only Rogue seems to be more tired than usually, subdued. Even his famous trick with climbing up the scaffoldings was done at half - he climbed only half of the height.
Beginning of the concert was also unfortunate, because as he was trying to enter the stage "as usual" stepping out of the crowd and crossing barriers one of the guards run up to him clueless and tried to pull him down with using force.
The band kept a little contact with the audience, dancers were doing their job professionally, but they couldn’t hide boredom of their faces. Only at last number they convinced people to clap their hands and jumping. During their concert I had the impression that there is some crisis in Germany and local saves on electricity. I don’t event talk about the impression of 'atmosphere'. It was just just DARK at their show.
The band played everything expected and went out the stage without saying goodbye. There was no shouts for encores.
The audience dozes off.

Project Pitchfork
During technical break the audience started to appear more people, more PP’s dedicated fans were coming with every second. What happened later can be described by other Peter project’s song title - "Pack your bags honey we’re going to hell". In place of Achim Leo (exOomph!) performed behind the drums. First sounds of intro were heard and the stage was taken by Peter Spilles. However, he didn’t have troubles with tiredness or difficulties with warming the audience up - he was dancing and talking with the audience between the songs. The audience, finally warmed up, started to dance with pleasure, some moments I didn’t know if should I look on the stage or on the pleased, dancing crowd. PP creates great mood, fulfilled with interesting visual effects. The only minus - definitely too much smoke and little too loud drums, sometimes deafening electronics and vocal. I wonder also, what’s the sense of bringing up on the stage funny stand, which was almost too heavy for a technician and was used for two minutes...?
At last three tracks (this time encores were shouted loudly and successfully) we were definitely in the crazy, electronic hell and fans were raging as if they were jabbed by devil fork in their feet.
The audience delightes

This year Christmas cycle of concerts didn’t start well for Bavarians. Unexpected, serious sickness of the drummer, Achim Faber, forced them to cancel the performances during first two days of the mini-tournee. On the third day they were helped by Manuel, who took over the sticks. Even if the musicians were stressed by this situation they have masked it effectively. They started, traditionally, with dynamic "Exzess Express" and after that they didn’t slow down until the very end. Traditionally, the singer Alex comunicated with the audience without any troubles, he was in a good mood and not only one time he riposted to the funny taunts shouted by the audience. Even if Alex was undoubtedly the leader of the stage, other musicians didn’t defend against contact with the audience, no one was hiding, staying at the back, everyone participated actively in the show. You could see that guys are really a great team.
If I was asked to pick up the strongest point during the concert I would claim beautifully performed ballad "Rette mich". And here personal digression. I believe that "every other German band" considers as the point of honor having the song titled "Rette mich" in its repertoir (as well as "Ohne Dich". "Ohne Dich" is played by at least 75% of German-speaking bands. By the way, by Eisbrecher also). I can also admit that Eisbrecher’s "Rette mich" is absolutely the best and the most moving song with this title that I know. Live performance completely crashed me.
At the end we heard total classic "Miststueck". Huge wall of sounds, flying confetti, teddy bears for fans, sincere thanks to Manuel (you can say that he fulfilled his obligation... perfectly), last bow... and everything left after the main star was fading lights. "Arbeit fertig, gut gemacht..."
The audience mutters with pleasure.

To sum up, in my own opinion, two misfires and two nuclear missiles.
Was good, but always could be better.

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