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The Fallacy

The Fallacy
The Fallacy

The Fallacy
The Fallacy

Chile / Republic of Chile

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
Gothic Metal, Gothic Rock, post-punk


Band members:

Angeline Bernini: vocals, guitar
Marco Cusato: vocals, guitar
Niko Arell: bass guitar


2007 - After the end of Capital, an important Chilean band of gothic rock, Marco Cusato started to make a demo with new songs for a new project. The idea was to devise a band with a sound not too heavy, but metal and, of course, gothic. The demo ended in April 2007, Marco met Matt Giruria (drums) for the project. They began recording songs for their first EP: The Fallacy. During the recording, Mark and Matt joined a female voice: Viviana Torres. Keyboards and programming were planned to be sequenced.

2008 - During February Viviana Torres (second voice and chorus) leaves “The Fallacy” due to personal reasons. Opening a new search to fill the empty space in the band. In April of that year, Angeline Bernini integrated the band filling the missing place and erasing all the previous voices from the EP, again they began recording the album under Attic Records Label. After a series of tedious rehearsals, photo shooting and recordings with Angeline, the band gets great musical strength and esthetic, integrating the talents of their new vocalist-guitarist.

2009 – ‘Falling Roses’ their first album was released. The Promotion included a free download at their official website. Beginning this year Matt Giuria, due to personal reasons and time, had to leave the band. It was at this time that Jean Pierre was recruited to fill the missing place. In June of this year Angeline gets in touch with her friend Niko Arell to join The Fallacy as the bass guitar player. After some months of rehearsals, the band finally was ready to compose new songs for their second album and started playing at different stages.

2010 - In May of this year Jean Pierre leaves the band and The Fallacy decided to go on using recorded sequences including drums. In August they toured over Colombia releasing their new album named “Beyond The Mist”, later in December they visit Argentina to promote the new production by having a great live show and visiting different radio stations. Finally the tour ends in Santiago Chile with a completely and gratifyingly theater.

2011 - The band continues promoting their last album and booking dates for their 2011 tour. They performed live in Quito-Ecuador on May of this year covered by radio and tv stations, newspapers and magazines. The band is now recording their third album.

2012 – The new album is ready to be released in August of this year, named ‘Love Division’. The promotion for this album includes a Latin American Tour (Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile). A world tour is being programed for the next year (USA, Russia, China, India).
The band signed with ‘GOH’ in Peru to release an album (‘The Loom’) available only in that country. This album includes the best of ‘Falling Roses’ and ‘Beyond The Mist’ plus two bonus tracks.

2013 – The band signed with Russian label ‘Dark Media Group’ followed by an EP ‘Drops of Fire’ released in Russia and the CIS countries.
The world promotion tour for ‘Love Division’ album starts in United States with eleven dates covering: Florida, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina and Pennsylvania.