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The new album, new lineup, new sound!


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After four years of illusory silence, Artrosis comes back with its 6th album 'Con Trust'. "It is the most rock-sounding album . For the first time you can hear Artrosis in its new, heavier and vivid lineup. Since "Pośród kwiatów i cieni" we have not recored so many tracks which can be presented during live performances" - says Medeah, the vocalist of the band.
One month after the premiere, Artrosis sets out on the tour which aim is to promote the album. "It will be a blast, it will be a nostalgy and I hope that despite the Autumn - it will be hot! Apart from us, a couple of little less known bands will appear on the tour. This time we plan to visit the Northern part of the country, yet all the omens in Heaven and Earth indicate that during teh Summer of 2007 we will be able to repeat Con Trust Tour. But this time we focus on the North".
Author: Dobermann
Translator: Dobermann
Source: Artrosis / 2006-09-30 / News

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