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Theatres Des Vampires

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Theatres Des Vampires
Theatres Des Vamipres

Theatres Des Vampires
Theatres Des Vamipres

Włochy/ Italy

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
Gothic Metal


Band members:

Sonya Scarlet - Vocals
Fabian Varesi - Keyboards
Zimon Liyoi - Bass
Gabriel Valerio - Drums
Stephan Benfante - Guitars


Theatres Des Vampires were amongst the progenitors of a sound that would later come to be known as Vampiric Metal. Their maniacal search for all things Vampiric has resulted in a gothic and horrifying image that has inspired a near-religious following from their fans.

Initially inspired strongly by symphonic black metal, Theatres Des Vampires has since evolved a sound all their own; a masterful blend of influences ranging from gothic to classical, electronic to opera. Theatres Des Vampires have created a personal style of melancholia and crepuscular melodies. The sepulchral wedding of Sonya Scarlet and her male counterpart creates a vocal incarnation that is both catchy and powerful.

If Vampirism has a SOUL. ..this soul has a name.. Theatres des Vampires Anima Noir.. the new chapter of “the vampire chronicles” will be released in May 2008, produced by Aural Music/SPV

Anima Noir 10 tracks of PURE vampirism.. Romantic lyrics, lyrical voices, strong orchestration, powerfull guitars and powerfull drumming. All the elements that you loved in Theatres des Vampires are back in this new production.

After a long tour that involved Mexico, Brasil, Russia, and several countries in Europe and Est Europe, Theatres des Vampires is back from the underworld, ready for a new bloodbath.