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This Morn Omina - Kundalini Rising
Here comes the new This Morn Omina album "Kundalini Rising". Something significant approaches us. "Just like a hissing cobra slowly wrenching from the shadows" - this is how the duo, comprising of band founder Mika Goedrijk and Karolus Lerocq who joined the band in 2010, describes its ninth studio album.
There's a major innovation in the fact that for the first time TMO have recorded two tracks with sung vocals.
While disc one is ecstatic and forceful, the second one builds up an atmosphere more easily identifiable with the subject matter of the apocalypse.
Available from 17 March 2017 by Dependent.


Disc 1
1. Ayahuasca (Lets Shift together)
2. Tir Na Nog
3. Hadji Hadja
4. Yugan (feat. Catastrophe Noise)
5. Garuda Vimana
6. (The) Waters Of Duat
7. Earthwalk
8. Maenad

Disc 2
1. God's Zoo (Original)
2. The Apotheosis Of Eckhart
3. Graveheart
4. Mohenjo daro
5. Kachina Blue (The Watcher)
6. Kachina Red (The End Of The World)
7. Shakti
8. Moksha
Author: hellium
Translator: hellium
Source: Dependent / 2017-03-14 / News

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