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This Vision - The Golden Age We Lost

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"The Golden Age We Lost" is the second album by the Swedish duo This Vision, however, I have never heard this band before. The artists themselves describe this CD as "a melancholic and dreamy pop record". I did expect something more synth-popish at first, but since the band had "introduced more acoustic elements and more warmth into their music", it is now closer to indie pop/rock than to synthpop, even though the keyboard tunes are still a strong element here. Their music has also been somewhat inspired by the 80’s. Personally, sometimes it makes me think of late New Order, though at first the vocals reminded me of… Pet Shop Boys. The faster songs make me also think of the more contemporary band Cut.Copy, even though This Vision’s music is more dreamy and less dynamic.

This warm, slightly melancholic music with nice, catchy tunes is pleasant to listen to, nonetheless you can’t expect here emotionally powerful songs that will move you very deeply and will cause goose bumps on your skin. It is a good CD to listen to during a romantic evening together, or while having a conversation, it would also be good as a soundtrack for a film about rises and falls of a young couple. Personally, I miss some stronger accents here and I think vocals are a bit too monotonous. What I like here most are the more dynamic potential hits – the track number 7 is definitely my favourite one, but tracks 8, 4 and 2 are also rhythmic, melodic, catchy. The good thing is that the more I listen to them, the more I like them. This album is surely worth listening by people who like indie pop/rock and 80’s.


01. Ashes
02. We Were Much Too Young
03. The Boy With A Heart Of Glass
04. 20th Century
05. I Drömland
06. Heaven Can Wait
07. Dance With Me
08. The Golden Age
09. The Darkest Hour
10. In The Shadows Of Love
Translator: Fairycharlotte
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