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Unterschicht - logo

Niemcy / Germany

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
dark electro, ebm, Harsh EBM, industrial


Band members:

Sven Hegewald 
Maria Fendler 
Sascha Wohnig


​In 2014 Unterschicht returned in new version, with first part of planned trilogy „Monster”. And since the debut album „Dreckig Und Laut“ a lot has happened.
Thus, the first act „Monster - Kopfkino“ sounds much more sophisticated and refined. But the way to create the ultimate sounds of recordings was not easy. In March 2012, it was not clear, whether and how the band will continue to exist. However, the leader, Sven Hegewald, along with new and old friends,have found once again their way into music.
End of 2013 means reactivation of works. Since then the band’s core create: Sven Hegewald, Maria Fendler and Sascha Wohnig, who are actively working for the formation.
Unterschicht is the rusty nail which tortures our flesh and drills straight into the brain. Although releasing just less then one year ago, Unterschicht return with the second strike of their trilogy "Monster". This time the neverending aggression is finding its peaceful and dark antipart. The band became much more diverse and modern, while the production is setting again standards for this brutal genre.