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Weihnachtstour 2006

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We'd been waiting long for the concert utterly enchanted by the summer gigs of Unheilig. We'd been counting days and in our heads there was a sound of bells of “Kling Glöckchen “ ringing. And so time had come...

KULTurbrauerai where the Görlitz part of Weihnachtstour 2006 took place is a cool venue: spacious, with a big concert hall and some smaller lounges where you may take rest. It was beautifully decorated that night: there were Christmas trees, candles and wreathes all over the place which surely added to the atmosphere. That was the first thing I noticed, the other was abundance of people who go there that night: it won't be exaggeration to say that the place was packed almost to the full ( well, we could move...:)

As to the concert: the Swiss of F.A.Q. started the evening .the band was formed in 1994. At the beginning they performed under the name Carpe Diem and right from the beginning they were called a “spearhead” of Swiss electro-pop scene. In 2003 they changed the name to F.A.Q. and their music took a strong, emotional electro-pop direction with a definite, hard beat. In Görlitz Thomas Daverio (keyboard, vocal), Philip Noirjean (lead vocal, bass) and Pille (guitar) promoted their recent publishing “IS PORNOGRAPHY ART?” ( they played a.o "how to make love like", "we come in pieces", "never again", "tuning in to the frequency..." oraz "learning to fly "), and they gave such an energetic concert that some people definitely though abut the issue over (I mean the pornography thing :). Their music is a blend of emotional, engaged vocals full of passion and a melody with a clearly set rhythm that flows with a changeable speed and constitutes a perfect background for racketing guitars. All in all, it was an interesting concert also visually (the gents are eye-catching so are their tattoos: e.g. Philip's “Mylene Farmer Forever” one...well, I do agree:)

After a short break the - already famous – candles were set on a stage and a poster “Frohes Fest”, so the space by the stage became very crowded – you wouldn't stick a needle there. Unheilig are coming...Short intro and out of a sudden Graf appeared on the stage so the audience reacted on the spot – with the enormous bravos. The concerts of UH are eruptions of energy, that's the first thing that always comes to my mind, as the vocalist really “doesn't save his strength for better times”. Yeah, laugh at me, I should also write “he does his best” to make the image created by the little lady writing for teen pop magazines full, but well, when you look at him when he sings, dances, moves ravishingly, controls the audience totally for over two hours, the only things that come to your mind are of the simple things like “oh my God” for that instance:)
During the concert the band played their hits of the album “Frohes Fest” of course - “O Tannenbaum”, “Leise rieselt der Schnee” and also our long-awaited “Kling Glöckchen klingelingeling”, plus some other songs, too: “ Sage Ja”, “Freiheit”, “Gib Mir Mehr”. There were really plenty of them, the audience sang together with Graf, people stood staring at him in enchantment (hah!so did I :) and while they lit their lighters and glow sticks I said to myself “That's that”. We had marvelous time, the calls “zugabe”, rumbles and bravos are the usual thing during these concerts, still it's a great feeling when you witness such a equivocal, spontaneous and... yes, and deafening applause:)
Unheilig gave two encores, for the second time they appeared with the band F.A.Q and later the after party led by the team of Heavens in Motion started - very nice ending of the evening. The bands were available for the larger part of the time after the gigs so we could get the autographs, photos and chat for for a while, which occasion we used as much as we could - well to some extent at least, the row was very long...

To sum it up – it was a great party with magnificent music, fantastic people and perfect organization, we just wish our local organizers that they managed to attract such a number of people for their events. Let this be my Christmas wish for them...

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