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(((S))) - Welcome To The Heartland

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So "Welcome to the Heartland" is a very decent lo-fi/indie/post-punk that in handful draws from achievements of groups like Guided By Voices, and Sonic Youth. Completely honest - little gothic and little pure darkness. In no case, however, it does not affect the picture of the whole - we are dealing here, after all, with a pretty decent concept-album. Information that the album contains 16 tracks can be a bit misleading, because half of them are interludes - but well made. In practice we get here only 8 full compositions - which is probably the biggest drawback of the album.
Although I really do not think so - the biggest drawback is the total lack of anything revealing. Album seethes from someone else's solutions in composition and sound. Of course, tracks are as neat as ear-catching, but listener also familiarized with gothic music this fact can somehow annoy - especially when is able to determine on which albums could easily cope tracks served to us by (((S))). For example, the first two pieces "Snakebite" and "House" are taken alive compositions from the "Goo", and such a "Sons of the Defeated" sounds like one of the hits from the Danish Carpark North formation. What to do?
These are the associations that disturb my proper reception of each proposal - and there are many more! Attentive listener will hear some elements typical for Foals, Yo La Tengo, Oomph! or the first album from Neutral Milk Hotel. I wonder most if (((S))) draws from them consciously? Maybe just has similar ideas... And maybe I just have weird associations?
Technically it is basically flawless – noise’s elements are appropriately subdued and woven into neat riffs or synthesizer’s parties. For this fact (((S))) has a great respect - few people can realize how difficult it is to create melodic and rhythmic noise, which, after all, remains noise.
Vocally it is also fine - (((S))) does not have amazing voice and possibilities, but what he has uses in a more than correct way. Thanks to that the whole respectively "hovers" and runs forward causing quite positive emotions and sensations.
"Welcome to the Heartland" lasts 42 minutes - absolutely perfect time - enough not to get bored, nor to feel unsatisfied. In fact, the album is perfect in its mediocrity. With a pure heart I can recommend it to almost anyone who has nothing to listen to - surely such persons will find there something for themselves. From other perspective the album can be a great introduction to noise rock due to the previously mentioned shapeliness of noise fragments - an inexperienced listener will not be bitten in the ears, it would be rather a nice and original attraction. Definitely as a prelude to the noise "Welcome to the Heartland" works best!

01. Welcome To The Heartland
02. Snakebite
03. Echo Descending
04. House
05. I've Got The Melody Deep In My Heart
06. Perfectly Imperfect
07. The Naked Nude
08. Caravaggio On My Mind
09. The Walker
10. Madhouse
11. The Lions Weep
12. Over And Out
13. A Romance With Your Own Monologue
14. Sons Of The Defeated
15. What Happens In The Heartland Stays In The Heartland
16. Hey Echo
Translator: hellium
Add date: 2015-12-11 / Music reviews

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