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The past:

The Alternation portal officially came into being as a part of the Internet on the 5th of March 2005, after several months of careful preparations.
Our main goal was to create the biggest portal that would reliably present its users with the latest and most interesting news from the .alt music world, otherwise little known among small groups of fans - synthpop, futurepop, electro, powernoise, industrial, gothic, ambient and some experimental genres among others, together with a little mix of more commercially popular music like rock, metal, etc.

Initially, our site was created by four people who were bound together by the idea of promoting unpopular, but interesting music. Later, they were joined by others, and they merged into a strong, hard-working team of editors, giving their best to make the place attractive to all kinds of visitors. We have contacted many bands that we now promote, and also several labels in Poland and abroad.

Furthermore, from the beginning we aimed at the improvement of the portal, gradually adding new content to the existing site. The first major breakthrough came in the spring of 2005, when, thanks to two new members, Alternation turned into a bilingual portal - and stayed so until this day. Since then, the enlarged team has looked for new solutions that would make the site even better, what brings us to the greatest (so far) moment in Alternation's history.

Starting from the 29th of October, 2005, thanks to several months of hard work carried on by the people dedicating their work to the portal, Alternation has completely altered its visuals, becoming a more user-friendly e-zine, focused on your needs. We have created a site with easy navigation, better graphics, a clearer layout and, what's most important - it's so easy a child could use it. Now, everyone can easily locate relevant information without having to dig through heaps of infojunk.

During 2006 we started co-operation with many important publishers and organizers whose contribution is crucial for dark independent scene. Additionally, we became an official promoters for the festival M'Era Luna in Poland. Our actions and our brand was noticed in Europe which resulted in increasing number of projects that wish to co-operate with us. The only thing we may complain about is insufficient number of crew members to deal with such an amount of information.

In 2007 we got the permission from the organizers of Wave-Gotik-Treffen to run the Polish website promoting the Festival. The day 19th April was highly important to us, because that was the day when we were given the ISSN 1897-595X number thanks to which AlterNation became a music magazine.

On 31 March 2009 our Magazine has been inscribed onto the Register of Journals and Magazines of the District Court in Poznan under the number RPR 2474.

Our editing team:



DamienG, Jan Biegański, kamyl, Krzysiek Jankiewicz, Magda Krasińska, P.P., Vitalis,

Our previous contributors:

_lin, _Morfeusz_, A.k.Bizarre, Adnistral, agnes, Agnieszka Szczepanik, Agressiva, aigilas, Airelinnuel, Akash, alphar, alucard, andycorn, andyH, Ankara, Antares, arachna, Artemistress, arthur, Arwena, arwena_90, Attack, Avalanche, Bašnia, beatha777, Belfegor, Blue Lilith, Bonus, bstr_litzmannstadt, Camille, cardassianvole, Cathro, Chris, Chris Kelso, chroniko, Closter, Consolatrix, curly_lady, cyryl, Darkpurity, depeshka, DevilRed, Diana_Xalpen, Dominique von G, Dorel Tudor, dragonius, dziki, Edge, Eileene, elektronik_tk, elficzka, Emmanuel Munioz, Ewelina Leopold, Fairycharlotte, FelixNovikov, FilipRoland, fiuri, Foxy, Gosh_Absi, goth4you, greentea, H3rm@n, happyjunkie, harpia, Heretica, hic_draconis, honorata, Ingvar, jarednokturne, jivka, Jo Pawley, Joanna Konik, Jowa, K*tea_Madchester, ka.joz, Kacper, Kara Boska, katakan, kicu, kifer, Kirke, Kofi, Krizz, krucza, Krzysztof Dziuba, LaaadyEvil, LadyoftheHawk, Layla, Lejdi, LittleCuteWitch, m2i4k2e, Mara Pawlova, Mark Nox, Marta Wlusek, Martha Ana, marx, mashenah, Medea, MoeMuhovitz, Mr.Plastic, mukor, murd, Narea, NataliaElanor, Nathashah, nemesea, nemeyeth_aine, Nihil, nocturnal moth, P.W.Draven, Pandora, Per_un, perennite, piotr, Placyda, Poison_Ivy, pozorczechy, promofabrik, Rajiya, redellious, robertm, RudyTendler, sanguineus, Santa Sangre, savetier, Savium_de_lilith, Sayuri vel PhotoKAmour, ScarabBonku, Scarlet_Kitty, Scather, Schizev, Sebastian.Gabryel, Selene, semi android, Serge, shade, Shadow, ShinePoisonIvy, SiNiC, Snowflake, soulfake, Spit, suosana, SylviaNoir, Szyszka, Thalia, ThunderAnna, Tofik, Trinity, Ultima, Vadi07, ValoDeLight, Vamppi, Vesper, Vixen, VMPSelene, voigtkampff, Vort, Wendy Troy, Wiecznoc, Wiewiorek, witalis, Wrotycz, Yarisa, ZEKintha, Zołza Asmadea,

Thanks to:

  • Pająk for his graphics
  • Foxy for her ideas
  • Krzychu for the logos design
  • Ash for her graphics
  • Czendi ([email protected]) for his new layout and ideas