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Castle Party
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Welcome to the Castle Party Festival. It's the only event of this type in the Middle & Eastern Europe. It's been hosting the major stars of dark independent since 1994.

In the year 1994, when Castle Party festival inaugurated, no-one assumed that from a small cameral concert of a few friendly bands, organized by a group of enthusiasts for a little larger group of believers of darker sounds, an international event would develop, gathering thousands of alternative music fans. The event which is not only the biggest dark independent music event in central and eastern Europe but also earned its name as an important point on the summer European festival map. Every year in the walls of Bolkow’s castle (the first three editions took place in a much smaller castle of Grodziec) not just music lovers from Poland meet but also unique festival atmosphere lovers from western European countries, e.g. Germany, Austria, France, Great Britain, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Spain, Holland, Greece and a pretty large team from Eastern European countries, e.g. Russia, the Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus, Hungary, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia. You can also meet people from more distant parts of the world - you can run into newcomers from the United States, Australia, even Japan and Kuwait! The festival has become a meeting place for friends from various nooks of Poland and the world. Next generations of young people discover a party for them, often taking their parents along to this one, holiday weekend; what's more, some from the Old Guard come there already with their own little kids. Castle Party is an important event not just for the fans, but also the locals of Bolkow appreciate the significance of the party, which gives them rational benefits. The festival is a great promotion of the town, region and Poland.

Fifteen editions of Castle Party have passed, editions which gave the public many unforgettable moments, allowed many bands to arise and succeed, in a wider range, in the country and abroad Batalion d'Amour, Lorien, Artrosis, God's Bow, Desdemona can be called the result of Castle Party. Many important bands of the Polish independent scene played at the festival - Behemoth, Riverside, Sweet Noise, Armia, Brygada Kryzys, Variete, Lech Janerka, Agressiva 69, Hedone, Moonlight, Sirrah, Qiudam, Ankh, One Million Bulgarians, Renata Przemyk, Bonczyk & Krzywanski, Pati Yang, Made in Poland; some of them treat their performance at Castle Party as the most important in the year - e.g. Fading Colours, Closterkeller or Deathcamp Project. But we can't forget the tens of foreign bands. The festival stage hosted bands from Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sweden, Great Britain, Greece, Lithuania, Russia, the Ukraine, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Belgium, Holland, the United States, Canada, Estonia, Norway, France even Japan, Mexico, Australia - next to bands less known, also stars such as Clan of Xymox, New Model Army, The Legendary Pink Dots, Anne Clark, Front Line Assembly, I Am X, Deine Lakaien, Wolfsheim, Project Pitchfork, Mortiis, Die Krupps, De/Vision, VNV Nation, Leaves' Eyes, Diary of Dreams, Electric Universe, Suicide Commando, Funker Vogt, Das Ich, Hocico, Psyche, L'ame Immortelle, The Cruxshadows, The Birthday Massacre.

Castle Party 2008 was the 3-day formula, exclusive choice of performers - starting with promising debuts, regulars, through guests from the East, native stars, to the top western bands of the dark independent scene such as Deine Lakaien, Die Krupps, Anne Clark (feat. Implant), The Cruxshadows, 32crash, Garden of Delight, In Strict Confidence, Persephone. Friday night called OFF Night has been changed a formula, during this day some dark folk bands - Sieben, The Moon and the Nightspirit performed on the stage at the castle, during the dj set of DJ Emmanuelle 5 there was a fire show, also you could see some live electro projects. A very special sub-event - concert of Persephone in the catholic church - took place at the festival first time, and the Industrial Night took place second time - a small club event with a few experimental electronic/idm/ambient/industrial live acts and DJs. Apart from this, like each year, club after parties took place, stands with records, clothes and other gadgets were at the castle, and of course the freaky fashion revue presented by the fans.

Remember that You - the public decide about the strength of the festival So see You at the castle in Bolkow.

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