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13. Eonly Festival

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The main day of the festival kicked off at one o'clock, prompting some playful banter about it being a "breakfast festival." Despite the early start, the first projects drew a sizable audience. This time, the concerts were split between two halls, a setup that ensured no overlap in the lineup. The magnificent main hall deserves special mention - with its balconies, ornate decorations, and beautiful chandeliers, it exuded an enchanting atmosphere.

However, the concert day kicked off with a bang on the Small stage with the Swedish duo Strikkland. Henric Ceder on keyboard and Henrik Johansson on vocals delivered a performance that left some attendees speechless. Johansson's distinctive vocals, contagious positive energy, and captivating, energetic music had me thoroughly delighted. Their dynamic EBM set got the audience moving, despite the early hour, earning special applause for their excellent interaction with the crowd, maintaining the right distance, and displaying great stage manner.

Then Torul took the stage - it was my first time witnessing one of their concerts. The Slovenian project led by Torul Torulsson offers a unique and original blend of lyricism, with Maj Valeri delivering excellent vocals, and incredible energy. Their performance was nothing short of pure fire and sparks. Balancing the melodiousness of synth with the energy and intensity of electronics requires both talent and finesse - and they pulled it off brilliantly. The coordination among the musicians on stage was impeccable - Maj and Torul alternated on vocals, delivering such a powerful performance that it left the audience trembling. It's worth noting that after such wild antics, the equipment was left completely shattered. Overall, it was a fantastic concert - bravo!

The next performance was one of my personal favorites, featuring Mildreda project. Having seen them live before, I anticipated a stellar performance, and I wasn't disappointed. Their show, which played with religious conventions and was styled like a ritual, was infused with extraordinary charisma, not only from frontman Jan Dewulf but also from Christoph Salvatore. The duo created a harmonious dynamic on stage, gradually building an emotionally charged performance filled with various shades. Jan's remarkable connection with the audience was evident as he charmed, hypnotized, and took them on a journey. Their latest album, "Blue-Devilled," translated exceptionally well on stage, and this performance was no exception. To cap it off, Jan even leaped into the audience, earning applause for a rock finale and stage magic.

Autodafeh and Piston Damp followed, offering contrasting yet engaging performances. While Autodafeh delivered strong, sharp beats, Piston Damp opted for a more delicate synthpop style, creating an atmospheric vibe.

Terence Fixmer took the stage solo, delivering a thrilling electronic performance despite Douglas MacCarthy's absence due to health issues. The highlight of the festival came with EMMON's electrifying set, led by the powerhouse Emma Nylen, whose stage presence and infectious energy left the audience spellbound.

Next up was the highly anticipated performance of the EMMON project, which turned out to be a festival highlight. Emma Nylen proved herself to be a true artist, showcasing her remarkable talent for creating mesmerizing songs and delivering an unparalleled stage presence. From the very first song, she captivated the audience, creating a trance-like atmosphere that never wavered. With her power, energy, and unwavering self-confidence on stage, she effortlessly commanded the audience's attention, delivering a knockout performance. An added treat was Emma's duet with Emanuel Åström from Agent Side Grinder during the song "Purebloods" – a moment that garnered big applause and added to the brilliance of the show.

Tyske Ludder delivered a performance brimming with restless, robust energy, accentuated by special effects and an abundance of dance-inducing music. Renowned for their spectacular concerts, these artists left nothing on the table, fully immersing themselves on stage, much to the audience's delight.

And lastly, I must highlight an absolute gem and my personal favorite of the entire  festival - Placebo Effect . I had heard legends about this project beforehand, so my anticipation for the show was sky-high. And it certainly lived up to expectations. Many in the audience were torn between listening intently, watching attentively, or dancing with abandon. Placebo Effect's music is dynamic, pulsating with energy, yet it also carries undertones of anxiety, melancholy, and darkness.
The performance itself was nothing short of spectacular – theatrical, dramatic, and visually captivating. It felt as though I was part of a grand theater production, one that not only invited viewer participation but also left an indelible impact impossible to resist. It's hard to determine whether Axel is more of an actor or a vocalist – his expressive facial expressions, elaborate costumes, and props (including a crown of thorns, the flag of the United States, or a teddy bear to name just a few) created a captivating world throughout the concert, weaving a multi-segment story that seamlessly flowed together. Describing such concerts is challenging because they transcend mere "performances" – they are immersive artistic experiences. I feel privileged to have been part of it all – the incredible music, complemented by a potent emotional and visual charge, was truly awe-inspiring. Bravo indeed!

As the festival drew to a close, I regretfully couldn't stay for the final concert featuring SONO. However, I must commend the organization, the enthusiastic audience, the stellar lineup of bands, and the remarkable venue – everything was simply phenomenal. I eagerly look forward to attending again in 2025.
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