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13. Eonly Festival - Warm Up Party

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After a two-year hiatus, the E-only Festival returned with its latest edition, held at the breathtaking venue of Altes Stadtbad. The venue, known for its fusion of cultural events and the unique ambiance of old swimming pool rooms, provided the perfect backdrop for a series of stylish concerts. Kicking off the festivities on Friday, the so-called "A small stage" hosted performances from four exciting projects. Despite the limited space, this intimate setting fostered a sense of camaraderie among attendees, allowing for both pleasant encounters and captivating musical experiences.

The evening commenced with Painbastard, helmed by Alexander Pitzinger, delivering an energetic performance characterized by aggressive harsh electro, distorted vocals, and fast beats. Pitzinger's stage presence ignited the crowd, setting the tone for the night.

Next up was Amnistia, the brainchild of Tino Claus and Stefan Schötz, known for their uncompromising approach to music and electrifying live shows. Combining bodywave and dark electro, their set was a masterclass in musical precision and emotional depth. Tino's captivating stage persona drew the audience into a mesmerizing performance, featuring tracks from their acclaimed albums "Black Halo" (2019) and "We All Bleed Red" (2022).

The highly anticipated appearance of Blac Kolor, the one-man project of Hendrick Grothe, delivered a sonic explosion that left the audience spellbound. Blending electro, industrial, and techno elements, Grothe's compositions mesmerized with their complexity and hypnotic energy. Despite the minimalist stage setup, the sonic spectacle captivated all in attendance, showcasing Grothe's mastery of sonic manipulation.

Closing out the evening was Liebknecht, the brainchild of Daniel Myer, whose club-infused beats provided a fitting finale. With characteristic skull decor adorning the stage, Liebknecht's performance exuded a relaxed yet electrifying energy. Danceable beats and industrial flourishes kept the crowd moving, bringing the concert evening to a memorable close. The addictive, hypnotic quality of this music is a true trademark of the project.
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