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21 Gramms - Water - Membrane

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'Water – Membrane' is the second LP recorded by Filip Szyszkowki's solo project 21 Gramms from Poznań, PL. The conception of this album is kept in depressive dark ambient mood, which for many of listeners can be a hard nut to crack. It isn't a CD for everybody, who likes a dark and vampyric atmosphere. This LP seems to be a reflection of an artist's spiritual transformation.

I find it hart to understand such distorted and scattered world, that is presended by this musician. I have tried about seven times to listen to this record, but fortunately I made it. Hermetic atmosphere presented by Filip seem very depressive and abanndoned. This music isn't typical. You can't even try to compare it with Diagnos: Lebensgefahr, because You won't find any similarities. You'll find only a bitter taste of disappointment.
Musician says that his inspiration are people, in general, bu I can't imagine how devastated, distorted and shallow human being had he met to compose 'Water – Membrane'. Every single track (lasting up to 16 minutes!) is monotonous, disordered and simply boring. I tried to unite with this so-called dark ambient atmosphere by taking a long evening walk but I just couldn't do it. These tracks are missing the poin, oftent don't represent anything of artistic value. Listener can feel the emptiness and sense of wasted time. Was it concious or just an accident? Judge it by yourself.
In my opinion you can't select 'the best track', but the one that 'caught you attention'. Due to my specific taste in music I think that the most fitting song to this discription is 'Don't go'. Cello's, guitar (or staccato cello) and piano sound actually show distress and aversion to the world.
This record deserves an attention because of musician's previous works. It can be fully understood by taking a journey to an artist's mind and knowing his feelings. The record is directed to as hermetic society as Filip himself. People who could feel the same as an artist should totally understand his work and appreciate it with all of the honors. Subjcectively I dind it very disappointing and boring, but it may be just my casual ignorance.


01. Drown
02. Hostel
03. God
04. Nostalgia
05. Voice
06. Don't go
07. Hidden Track
Translator: ValoDeLight
Add date: 2012-05-17 / Music reviews

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