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3 Cold Men - A Cold Decade

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If someone is looking for a nod towards electro pop (or nicer position from "electro-retro wave" genre) position proposed by 3 Cold Men can appeal to. Of course, it does not have to, but I will try to convince, it is probably worth it.

The first, which is a nice change and differs 3 Cold Men from other bands, it is quite consequent play of chosen climate. Some would say that it makes "A Cold Decade" album monotonous - and I could not also agree, but who likes what. For some excessive diversity is an outgrowth of unnecessary chaos and they appreciate the climate consistency, so that is how this release can be liked.
Other interesting thing is using of French language – it sounds fresh and different from "usual" English or German texts. It is hard to describe in words, what makes the impression - quite good on me, which can be praised to three cold men. For those who are looking for a new quality it is a must, especially with tracks 2,5,9,10.
... But not to be too nice, I must emphasize again something that I always put my attention to and I will never stop - English pronunciation... because such lyrics we will find there, with beginning track "I'm Afraid". I really regret that this position starts the album, because listening "I'm Afraid... " I could not be satisfied. And it started well - dry, consistently built layers of synthesizers, reminiscent of the biggest stars of the '80s trend. Too bad, it is really pity when it comes to potential of "first impression". What is interesting, other tracks on the album are also sung in English and they sound more smoothly in pronunciation, almost correctly. Only the "generation" at the beginning is really breathtaking...
Let’s focus on the music. As it is really hard to sing badly using synthesizers (as I said, they are not pushy and quite skillful), I will let myself focus on the vocals. Gentlemen from 3 Cold Men are fond of... medieval harmony, I would say. Almost in every song we find quarters and quints, which were used in medieval convents passionately. It is not hard to guess, this treatment is not much used nowadays, so you would give them a plus for it, if not... well. Not without a reason in names of the intervals is contained the term "pure", to which 3 Cold Men tend not to apply. And if they operate only synthetic sounds, each, the smallest hint not in this direction pricks in ears. For just such situations was invented digital processing of recorded voice (at the moment far too often used), from which they could really benefit, tune in... Because the music defends itself, but the vocal is almost a quarter of a tone under correct melody line, and it really, really hurts. Vide position 5. Ouch.
Track 8 breaks a little from the scheme and it is one of the strongest positions on the album. On one hand it is a kind of compilation implementing procedures previously applied with a catchy rhythm in the lead, on the other hand – it gives by far more vivid energy, and in the vocal layer, besides already known intervals’ relationships, are added sometimes sensual, sometimes disturbing whispers, introducing characteristic atmosphere.
Item 9 "Ennemis Sphériques" shows perhaps the biggest shortcoming of the album – usually music is a primer for vocal, not the other way... A pity, track would defend itself if not, the feeling is it is the background for several synth layers. And it could be so beautiful...

For who is this album? Definitely for fans of the genre. Maybe they will not kneel before it, but they should listen to, only to get their own opinion. For fans of the French language, which, combined with electro sounds extremely interesting. And normally - for those who do not know that genre, and want to familiarize with it. I would not recommend it to only to psycho fans of classic '80s, they may feel deficiency - 3 Cold Men do not bring anything new, only cherish great ones that happened years before them.

1. I'm Afraid
2. L'Hallali
3. She Butcher
4. Heavy Smile
5. Le Vent D'avril
6. Effie, Lady, Berry!
7. Shabbat Mater
8. The Four Horseman
9. Ennemis Sphériques
10. J'ai le Sentiment
Translator: hellium
Add date: 2015-06-29 / Music reviews

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