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63 Days Part VI - Weihan & Westwind

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Unfortunately, the sixth part of "63 Days' series was totally out of my liking. I haven't found here any deeper emotions or message. What is worse I haven't even found here anything that could associate with the Warsaw Uprising. Eleven-minute-long "Part VI" consists of two compositions of two different projects from abroad - Weihan from Belgium and Westwind from France. And maybe because it's the music created by foreigners I can't find here any connections to the Uprising. First composition, by Weihan, is characterized by nothing special. We have here marching rhythm, melodeclamation in Latin and English, acoustic guitars, choirs and keyboards stylized on stringed instruments. Unfortunately, as a whole it makes a kitsch impression even though there is nothing wrong in the musical part. Actually, I liked better the second composition by Westwind. There is a gloomy piano melody, delicate background music, harsh snare drum and increasing tension built by more and more dynamic rhythm. In general, however, this release is very poor especially when compared with those parts of "63 Days" series composed by Polish projects.


1. Weihan - 63 Days
2. Westwind - 63 Days
Translator: Antares
Add date: 2007-12-18 / Music reviews

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