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zespół A-ha


Norwegia / Norway

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
80s, new wave, pop


Band members:

Paul Savoy
Magne Furuholmen
Morten Harket


The name of the band comes from the title of one of their early demo tracks, that Morten, Magne and Paul recorded in hope of getting some attention in England. It was *1983* and it was the same group of friends, who played together under the name of Bridges. In *1984* WEA signed a record deal with them, and released a single "Take On Me" - although it wasn't a big success. Finally, in *1985* remixed version of "Take on Me", and a new animated video became a huge international hit. Since that moment, the whole world was in love in A-ha. The debut album, entitled "Hunting High and Low" was released in that year, and three singles from that album became major hits. Among them was popular "The Sun Always Shine on TV". By the end of the year, the video for 'Take on Me" was nominated for best video award by the MTV, and won the contest. In 1986 the band released their second full-lengtht,"Scoundrel
Days" and began their first international tour. In *1988* next album, entitled "Stay on These Roads" was released - it was the last A-ha album with pop music.
 "East Of The Sun - West Of The Moon", released in *1990* was much more rock oriented . It wasn't such a big success as the previous ones. The label sold only 4 million copies. In *1993* next album, "Memorial Beach" was published - it met with very cold reactions from the public, and in this year the group disbanded officially.
 Musicians were still active though, for example, Morten released solo album "Wild Seed", which became bestseller in Norway, but not abroad. Later Morten was hosting Eurovision contest in *1996*. Later, in *1998* A-Ha played live on Nobel Prize ceremony, performing compleatly new song, "Summer Moved On", although the band said that this performance was only a single vent, in *1999* they signed a new record deal with WEA. The first album that was born from that very deal was entitled "Minor Earth, Major Sky" - once again, it was a success. Their next releases were "Lifelines" (2002), "How Can I Sleep With Your Voice In My Head" (2004), or this year's "celice"