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Aaron Van Wonterghem - Super Nova

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Eric Van Wonterghem requires no introduction; this towering figure, renowned not only for his work with Monolith but also for his collaborations with Dirk Ivens in Absolute Body Control, Sonar, and Insekt, is a sonic force of nature capable of shaking any concert hall to its core. However, it's worth noting that Eric has a worthy successor. Aaron Van Wonterghem (the son of the aforementioned) has just unveiled a masterpiece titled "Super Nova", and let me tell you, the name is more than fitting. With four tracks and a remix by Monolith, this album unleashes a sonic tempest in the realms of Technoise-electro, industrial, and noise. While there are plenty of nods to club techno, they are masterfully counterbalanced by trance-inducing, genuinely hypnotic industrial sounds. This music instantly transports me to a dimly lit venue, amidst a throng of dancers effortlessly surrendering to the rhythm. It's a testament to Aaron's skill that this album delivers both in terms of composition and the vibrant atmosphere it conjures. The energy it exudes is palpable. Bravo, Aaron, for a job well done! This gem wreaks havoc on the dance floor with such finesseā€”I can't wait to experience it live!

1.Zero Gravity 
2.Dark Energy 
4.Super Nova 
5.Zero Gravity _ monolith remix 

Release date: 01.03.2024
Label: S.O.M records

Aaron Van Wonterghem  - Founder of S.O.M Records - Producer on his own and co-producer / DJ at Monolith
Eric Van Wonterghem is a Belgian musician and producer known for his work in the industrial and electronic music genres. He has been active in the music scene since the late 1980s and is associated with several influential projects.
One of his notable projects is Monolith, a solo endeavor through which he has released various albums and EPs characterized by dark, atmospheric industrial soundscapes. Monolith's music often features heavy beats, distorted textures, and experimental elements, contributing to its distinct style within the industrial music landscape.In addition to Monolith, Eric Van Wonterghem has been involved in several collaborative projects, including Sonar, Absolute Body Control, and Insekt. These collaborations have allowed him to explore different facets of electronic and industrial music, showcasing his versatility and creativity as a musician and producer. Eric Van Wonterghem's contributions to the industrial music scene have earned him recognition among fans of the genre. His work is praised for its innovative approach, powerful sound, and atmospheric depth, solidifying his position as a prominent figure in the world of electronic music.
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