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Ad Inferna - There Is No Cure

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The album in a fully mature way enables you to penetrate areas that are inaccessible on a daily basis. This time, they are not only sites associated with altered states of consciousness, but it is a journey through a world full of antagonism, where people are left alone by the creator, and the wandering also takes place well within the dark sexuality. Eight tracks are preceded by a disturbing intro "The Presence" and there is also bonus of 10 remixes of "Sex Spell" and "Resurrection", that gives a clear signal to get seriously interested in this release.
The very title of the CD - "There Is No Cure," promises that there is no remedy for its impact. And there is something in it, because the duo of Voa Voxyd and VV Arkames can fuss a lot. With the support of Kari Berg and Zombie Girl we are offered two interesting tracks - "French Kiss of Death" and "Stigma". The first touches the opposite extreme experiences connected with suffering, death, and what is after it, while the second one is an odyssey in a spiritual and religious tortures, which one can be freed from only by a specific, bloody form of redemption.
From the sound side, we are dealing with the grim electro, given in the decent dance beat rhythm. The album is both interesting from lyrics and disturbing tones, and there is no respite in this truly infernal concoction.
The artists managed to create a gloomy decadence, in a yet perversely appealing climate, which affects all the senses of the listener. The disc introduces into the world of contradictory meanings, radically different from generally accepted norms and religious rules.
In addition, the group has prepared for its fans 10 alterations that resulted from the alliance with different bands, and when it comes to a remix layer- it makes the "There Is No Cure" complete, because none of the contained interpretations conceals the whole.
It is good that Ad Inferna members made us not to wait any longer for the next release. There is nothing else to do now, than to immerse in this frantic tale of inner search, supported by a sphere of various feelings, and according to the material found on this album, to which there is no cure.
This album can bring a lot of joy along with the first, as well as with every subsequent audition. Keep it going.


01. The Presence
02. Angelik
03. Seventh Heaven
04. Under My Skin
05. French Kiss of Death (feat. Kari Berg)
06. Stigma (feat. Zombie Girl)
07. Sex Spell
08. Resurrection
09. The One


01. Sex Spell: Reaper Remix
02. Resurrection: Terrolokaust Remix
03. Sex Spell: Alien Vampires Remix
04. Resurrection: Erotic Elk
05. Sex Spell: Acylum feat. HausHetaere Remix
06. Raw Mix Electrovot
07. Sex Spell: Remix by Chaos All Stars
08. Resurrection: [email protected] Remix
09. Sex Spell: Inline Sex Terror Remix
10. Sex Spell: End the DJ Remix
Translator: hellium
Add date: 2011-11-14 / Music reviews

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