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Aesthetic Perfection - monochrome

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As the author describes the song himself: the text is about the author's lifelong struggle with understanding and experiencing emotions in the same way as their peers. From a young age, he felt distant from concepts like love and empathy, finding communication and emotional support challenging. This emotional disconnection led to him being labeled as "cold" and "callous," and he even feared he might be a sociopath.  He hopes that "Monochrome," reflects his personal journey and can offer comfort to others who may feel similarly disconnected from typical emotional experiences. Essentially, the text reflects on the author's journey of self-acceptance and aims to provide solace to those who may relate to their experiences.

Now what I see: what I admire about Daniel Graves is, among other things, his ability to address certain issues directly. While there are artists who touch on the topic of mental health, such as Chris Corner from IAMX, Aesthetic Perfection tackles it in a more straightforward manner. They don't romanticize or obscure the issue with poetic or lyrical considerations - his lyrics are simple, unpretentious, yet they capture the essence of the problem. Daniel often discusses difficult topics in his posts with sensitivity, in a personal yet natural way. This resonates with me, and I believe it does with others as well. The conversation around neurodiversity, ADHD (even in adults), depression, and other psychological issues is becoming more common, which I think is beneficial as it can offer support. 
I associate the monochromatic tone of the song with states of mania and depression, where everything feels either wonderful or terrible, and with an uncompromising approach to life. The absence of colors, for me, symbolizes a lack of nuance, shades, and emotions. While the song may seem simple on the surface, it addresses many important themes. Musically, it embodies the signature Aesthetic Perfection style - with its pulsating beat, dynamic shifts, Daniel's distinctive vocals, and an infectious melody. However, I believe that the focus of this song lies in its content rather than its musical elements. Despite its danceable nature, the song's lyrics and video carry significant weight, reminiscent of the impact found in Suicide Commando's work. I particularly appreciate the minimalist video created by Eulenherz Artwork, as it prioritizes substance and message over form, allowing nothing to distract from the song's powerful message. Overall, I commend Mr. Graves for a job well done!

Translator: khocico
Add date: 2024-04-03 / Music reviews

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