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Agonised Too - Summer Suffering

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Agonized Too is comprised of Bartosz Hervy (audiovisual artist, musician, and producer, creator of HRV) and Rafał Tomaszczuk (vocalist and songwriter of Hidden by Ivy). Their shared passion for similar musical genres and sensitivities led them to create the Agonized Too project, focusing on deeply emotional music.
On June 20, the gentlemen treated us to a new album - just perfect for summer evenings. "Summer Suffering" - with an ironically subversive cover, contains refined pieces in the best synthpop style, perfectly arranged and balanced. Great vocals, a touch of sharper electronics, strong synthesizer style, a bit in the old school disco style ("Nic Nigdy Więcej"), a bit melancholic ("The Only Life"), trip-hop, lyrical ("Without You"). I definitely see a climatic bridge between spring and summer suffering - both songs are dance hits, with a strong melody line and vocals. The album ends with a cover of Army of Lovers "Obsession" - the gentlemen focused on a slowed down version of the original, strongly in the style of the 80s. The whole thing sounds a bit like a pastiche, a musical joke with the disco atmosphere of the 1980s 80-90, a parody and at the same time it's a piece of good music. I have the impression that this time the dark romantics are winking at us, but in a great, very characteristic style.

1. Summer Suffering
2. The Only Life
3. Nic Nigdy Więcej
4. Without You
5. Sunrise
6. Spring Suffering
7. Więcej
8. Obsession (Army of Lovers Cover)


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