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Aiboforcen - Dédale

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After seven years of waiting, finally we can listen to the new album of Belgian AIBOFORCEN. It is their fifth album and frankly speaking I became interested in this band and in their music. As the main vocalist we can hear Patrice Synthea – the vocalist of Regenerator, perfectly fitting to the atmosphere of the whole album. However, along with her voice there are many other musicians actively taking part in creation of the album because AIBOFORCEN cooperates with Ayria, Leaether Strip, Amgod, Ego Likeness or Diffuzion. Thanks to that the album is extremely diversified and open; cooperation with so many artists surely is an advantage of the album which isn’t ground breaking but cannot be described as bad. The strong point of the album, worth highlighting is cover of U2’s "New Year’s Day" in which Jennifer Parkin from Ayria is the main vocalist.
When it comes to music itself I cannot recommend it to those who like violent and rather brutal rhythms. The album is slightly nostalgic, calm which of course doesn’t make it less charming. In fact it has a certain charm which can intrigue even the most demanding listeners. However, after some time it becomes a little bit monotonous so I don’t recommend it for the fans of powerful electronics. Still I think the tracks released by Belgians have some specific charm.
We should also pay attention to band’s attitude towards the release. The cover and the whole design was created by Bastard-Worx, the album was released in exclusive form of cardboard box in which we can find five additional tracks with vocals by headliners from Acylum and Implant& Leather Strip. Apart from that there are also new versions of club hits of AIBOFORCEN – "Twilight World" and "Not Unique" and seven remixes of the tracks from the album by Essence Of Mind, Acretongue, The Synthetic Dream Foundation, Psy’Aviah, Regenerator, Kant Kino, Celluloide and Beati Mortui. The band released also EP "L’Errance" with remixes of the tracks from the album.

RACKLISTA:Summing up I can say that the release is successful and prepared in a very detailed way. As I have already mentioned it is not designed for everybody but the fans would not be disappointed after such a long time of waiting. Cooperation with famous and respected bands is an advantage and it keeps AIBOFORCEN at high level.


01. Dédale
02. Everything Gets Sacrificed (feat. Ayria)
03. Shadows
04. Time & Space
05. Light
06. Poem of Light (feat. Leather Strip)
07. Sordide Sentimental
08. Lhassa
09. The World Below (feat. Ego Likeness)
10. New Year’s Day (feat. Ayria)
11. Crysis
12. Mass
13. Rhythm of Light (feat. Diffuzion)
14. Parasthesia (feat. amGod)
15. Méandres
Translator: morrigan
Add date: 2013-03-20 / Music reviews

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