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Akalotz - Angry Body Machine

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Akalotz is a German band formed in 2007, known for their fusion of concentrated, hard EBM beats with melodic dark electro. Their lyrics delve into the depths of human experience, exploring complex themes with a raw intensity. The band is fronted by Thorsten, whose energetic vocals drive their sound, while Nico's dynamic performance on electronic drums adds a powerful rhythmic foundation to their live shows. 
"Angry Body Machine," released on May 24, is a masterful blend of dark electro and EBM, featuring Thorsten's aggressive, rough vocals that significantly enhance the album's dark tone. The title itself suggests its thematic content, but what stands out is the album's coherence and intensity. The opening track, "Look in the Mirror," sets the stage for an engaging listening experience that spans  way over half an hour.
Electro music often carries an undeserved reputation for being simple, danceable, and dynamic, typically suited for clubs. While this album does possess these qualities, a closer listen reveals ambitious arrangements and melodies that weave various sounds into a cohesive, catchy, yet non-monotonous whole.  Highlights include the rhythmic "Dark on Fall," the dance-inducing "Savage" with its brilliant beat (aptly titled for its expected impact on dance floors), and the slow, heavy title track "Angry Body Machine." Tracks like the invigorating "Activate You," the intense and complex "Master of Evil" and "World on Fire," the violent and expressive "Count to Crash" and "New Age," and the highly electronic closing track "Off Beat" all contribute to a very cohesive and high-quality album.
What truly sets this album apart is its consistent quality—each song maintains a high standard in terms of vocals, composition, and atmosphere. For fans of the genre, this album is undoubtedly a gem. Highly recommended!

Release date: 24.05.2024
Label: Scanner

1. Look in the Mirror
2. Dark on Fall
3. Savage
4. Angry Body Machine
5. Activate You
6. Contra
7. Master of Evil
8. World on Fire
9. Mind Control
10. Count to Crash
11. New Age
12. Enemy Minds
13. Off Beat
Translator: khocico
Add date: 2024-06-05 / Music reviews

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