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At The Lake

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At The Lake
At The Lake - At The Lake

At The Lake
At The Lake

Polska / Poland

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
folk metal, symphonic metal


Band members:

Natalia Sikora
Milena Gaworek
Anna Mentel
Krzysztof Kluz
Michał Badocha


At The Lake’s music combines elements of folk, celtic and classical music with heavy metal sound. The extentive use of the violins played by Milena (leader and composer) gives the music its unique character. The band re-recorded their demo together with two new songs. The classically trained singer Gosia together with the keyboard player Ania (ex-Sacriversum) gave the music a new bombastic and symphonic sound.

During the next one and a half year At The Lake played in various cities in Poland, visiting clubs, festivals and sharing the stage with many polish and foreign bands, including, among others, Sabaton, Tyr, Closterkeller.

In september 2007 due to changes in her professional career Gosia decided to leave the band and At The Lake started to search for a new singer. A month later Marta joined the band. She stayed with the group for almost a year, but the band decided to part ways with her.

In February 2009 Natalia Sikora, actress and singer, winner of various national and international singing competitions, joined At The Lake. Her acting talents and deep, emotional rock voice brought a new vibe to the band’s sound.